Corona virus in pakistan is different from wuhan and iranian virus

According to details, Chief Minister Usman Bazdar directed to expedite coronavirus research activities. In this regard, 4 study groups have been organized by the University of Health Sciences and started research.

Usman Bazdar has also urged quick results for Corona’s response, experts say that the Corona virus in Pakistan is more valuable than the Wuhan and Iranian viruses.

Chief Minister Punjab ordered the manufacture of personal protection equipment, ie, the BSL Three Lab at Jinnah and PKLI.

Usman Bazdar says coronavirus should be treated scientifically, seeking permanent elimination, 200-bed field hospital wants to be established as soon as possible.

It is thought that the number of Corona cases in the country has increased to 1296 while the number of Corona virus deaths is 11 and 23 have been completely recovered from the Corona virus.

Punjab reported the highest number of 490 cases of coronavirus, while 457 in Sindh, 180 in KP, 133 in Balochistan, 107 in Gilgit-Baltistan, 39 in Islamabad, 2 in Azad Kashmir.