Corona rage continues in the world, death toll exceeds 24,000

Corona virus deaths in the world exceed 24,000, while more than 5 million 32,000 are affected.

Corona rage continues in the world, the death toll exceeds 24,000, and the number of victims has increased to more than 500,000 32,000. 712 lives were swallowed. The virus swallowed 365 lives in France and 13 in Australia.

In Germany and other countries including the Netherlands, the death toll from the virus has increased. Another 115 people have died in the UK. Fourteen percent of the coronary virus patients recovered from the disease. One hundred seventy people have died in Iran.

The United States came first in the number of affected patients, where the number of patients has exceeded 85,000. According to Governor New Jersey, about 250 cases are reported daily. Corona cases are decreasing in China. Only 3,936 coronary patients remain untreated in the country, and more than fourteen thousand people have recovered. The Corona virus has killed 3292 people in China.