Difficult for the people to live but the assets of Shahbaz Sharif and Asif Zardari are increasing.


Petrol is becoming more expensive. What should the people do now? It is becoming difficult for the people to breathe and to teach their children. It has become difficult for children to drop out of school on motorcycles but the assets of Shahbaz Sharif and Zardari are increasing day by day.

People 90 million in Pakistan are living below the poverty line. Bread of Rs. 40 is being provided.
The main reason for our ruin is the current system. All other political parties including PPP and PML-N are anti-Pakistan.

Just a PTI of Imran Khan who is talking only about Pakistan in these circumstances. People stood by Imran Khan. The people saw for themselves that in three years and six months, Imran Khan has He did things which the United States strongly disliked and conspired overnight to hand over power to its henchman Nawaz Zardari again and inflict severe punishment on the country and the people.

We are the product of this system. Only the names, flags and parties change. They are guardians of the outdated system Use his position for personal business.

They have names in Pandora Papers. They have cases in NAB. They are the ones who are borrowing from banks. Corruption needs to be eradicated. At present there is a war between the Prime Minister and the President of Pakistan.

Inflation is on the rise in load shedding which is closing down businesses, industries and factories. The purchasing power of the people is beginning to respond. The country is rapidly moving towards the situation of anarchy in Sri Lanka.

The ruling parties have been destroying the future of the country and the nation for 40 years. The whole system is running on lies. Expensive petrol, gas and electricity bombs are being rained on the people by saying difficult decisions. The country has gone bankrupt. The dollar is flying high.

This is not being told to you on social media at all. The people are being directed to get out of the FATF’s gray list. Pakistan is not going to get out of the FATF’s list at all yet. And give full support to Imran Khan. At this time, there is no one but Imran Khan who is sincere with the country and the people. Only the people can save the country together with Imran Khan. Is.


One in eight people worldwide suffers from internal illness.

a man holds his head while sitting on a sofa

The World Health Organization( WHO) said in a report released on Friday that one in eight people worldwide suffers from internal illness, while one in five people in war- torn countries suffer from internal illness.
According to the report, one billion people were suffering from internal problems before the global epidemic of Corona, but this number has increased since the epidemic. The first time of the epidemic saw an increase in depression and internal diseases.

Two percent of the health budget and only one percent of transnational aid is spent on internal health.
The WHO emphasizes the need to spend further on the treatment of internal health problems.

Mark Van Omron, a WHO functionary, told a news conference that interest in internal health had grown since Corona, but that governments hadn’t increased the budget for the sector.
The World Health Organization( WHO) said in a report that 70 of people with internal health problems in developed countries have access to treatment, while only 12 of low- income countries have access to it.

According to the World Health Organization, one in every 100 deaths worldwide is still caused by self-murder.
It has also been refocused out that there are 20 countries where tried self-murder is considered a crime while one in 20 self-murder attempts beget death.