Going back to the assembly means Imported govt recognizing.

Ex PM and PTI Chairman Imran Khan said in a statement that while he was in the government, there was pressure to recognize Israel and a message was sent to think of his country. Can

He said that the special lobby under the influence of the United States wants to recognize Israel from the Muslim countries.

Imran Khan denied any contact with Asif Ali Zardari during the no-confidence motion and said that he has been saying for 26 years that Asif Ali Zardari and PML-N are one and the same while there was no deal behind ending the long march. Would have

He said that he had resigned from the Assemblies and now there was no need to go for confirmation of resignations. He announced his resignation in front of the Speaker on the National Assembly floor.

Returning to the assembly is to recognize the imported government and no member is required to go to the assembly individually.


Imran Khan’s appeal for protection from the Supreme Court again.

Addressing the attorneys convention in Peshawar, Imran Khan said that our government was overthrown not because of corruption but under conspiracy. suppose of saving the country as jihad. Its a real war of emancipation.

He said that there has noway been such a public roar in the history of Pakistan against the defeat of the government.

PTI chief further said that he’d said that he’d befriend everyone and would support him in peace and would not support anyone in war.
He said Why should I give America a base.

We when were with them and we martyred of our own people Washington not only thanked us but also laid the debris of Afghanistan’s failure on us.

India’s foreign policy is free. He has noway shared in anyone’s war. He doesn’t want bad relations with anyone but will noway enslave anyone.
He said that the slaves of this plutocrat noway spoke against drone strikes and that’s why they were brought back.

These people have conspired and come upstairs and people aren’t with them. They don’t understand what to do now.
He said that taglines were raised against these people in Madinah. We were soliciting that night.

What could be worse than the curse of Allah that taglines were raised against you in Madinah and the FIR against us was dropped.
He said that attorneys have a veritably important part to play in saving the country. The base of republic in the world is morality.

Imran Khan said that all former governments in Pakistan were overthrown due to corruption. In the history, the autocrats of the country have always been loose. Our government wasn’t removed on corruption.
He said that Donald Lou had said that if Imran Khan was removed also he’d forgive him. When our government was removed also sweets weren’t distributed anywhere.

We said we’d be musketeers with everyone but we’d not be with you in the war. I kept saying that America’s war wasn’t ours.
opinions are made to please anyone. I was the only one in the country protesting against drone strikes he said.

Conspiring people were made to sit on us who aren’t ready to be accepted by the people. Then families like Zardari and Sharif are transferring plutocrat out by censoring plutocrat.

Maqsood Chaprasi had Rs 4 billion. stealers like Nawaz Sharif and Zardari are sitting in all the poor countries. Those who are sitting will break the rules of law.

They used tear gas shells on terrorists. Under what law were we stopped? I ask, did we spread chaos?

Supreme Court has to take a stage before this. I didn’t want lawlessness. We’ll go now with planning and medication.

He said that interest was to be paid on loans. Overseas Pakistanis helped us by transferring plutocrat. Record duty was collected during our term.

In Corona, Pakistan is one of the countries that saved its people and frugality.


Dr. Yasmeen Rashid Brigadier Nadira Sultana Pakistan’s most capable lady Dr.

Aleem Rajput

I heard the name of Dr. Yasmeen Rashid in 1985. He is a great gynecologist. He did a special course from London and from USA. In Pakistan till then only two lady doctors had done this course. One was Yasmeen Rashid and the other was Brigadier Nadira Sultani who was in CMH.

The course was that when the baby was in the mother’s womb and was 110 days old, the baby’s blood would be tested from the mother’s womb to see if the baby was disabled or especially if he had thalassemia. No, if the child is found to be ill, he is discarded.

Because abortion after 120 days of age is legally tantamount to murder.

So the children of people suffering from thalassemia were tested and the tests of the soldiers were free in AFIP (Pathology Institute of the Armed Forces) but everyone else from Pakistan used to go to Dr. Yasmeen Rashid in Lahore.

Women would come from Balochistan, Sindh and even from all over Pakistan if they had money. Dr. Sahiba would take money from them but would take free samples of poor women and give them accommodation and food and also pay train or bus fare. Tour of Peshawar started.

The name of the test is probably HB Electrophoresis
Yasmeen Rashid started free treatment, then formed an organization, distributed free pamphlets and started thalassemia awareness campaign.

I once went for an MH test and by then one of my sons had died of thalassemia and there were three others.
Those who bleed three to four times a month, all three sons and a daughter later died six months eight years 14 years and daughter two and a half years old. Dr. Nadira Sultani took a sample and at the same time admitted my wife. Where do I and the rest of the children go to Pindi.

I said Dr. Sahib, we can’t stay here He said, No, I will not allow it tomorrow. I will also allow air travel. Otherwise, by road, to talk to me three days later.” Yasmeen Rashid comes to Peshawar to get a sample from them.

I said I didn’t really think much of the pain.
Then he said that there is hardly a doctor like Dr. Yasmeen in the world. Continue to say that even after living in London and America, she wears such clothes as if she has just come to harvest wheat. When he completed the course, the US Department of Health doubled his salary for refusing the job offer and then increased the benefits, but he said that my country needs me more.

Today is 2022. Dr. Sahiba herself is a cancer patient. Her hair has fallen out. She has gotten much better with the treatment.

Dr. Sahib’s family, husband, sons and daughters are in PTI. Her brother is retired from the post of General.

But currently living in Lahore
On such a great woman marching peacefully yesterday, Punjab police smashed the car windows with stones which should have been slotted. Give them a long life.


ISLAMABAD The medication of budget for the new fiscal time 23- 2022 has entered the final stages.

white printer paper

Will be presented budget in the National Assembly on June 10.
Meeting of the Annual Plan Coordination Committee has been convened on June 4. After the meeting, a meeting of the National Economic Council will be held in which the periodic development plan will be approved.
The civil development budget is likely to be set at Rs 700 billion coming time Affectation exports, significances and remittances targets will be set. It’s proposed to put fresh duty of Rs 1155 billion for the coming fiscal time. The house is.

In the coming fiscal time, it’s proposed to collect Rs 843 billion in terms of customs duties, Rs 1586 billion in defense and Rs 3523 billion in interest payments on loans.


Ex PM Imran Khan is now going to fete Israel.

This is the first time a delegation has visited Israel An PTV salaried person was also part of the delegation.

Imran Khan Addressing PTI Works Convention in Charsadda Imran Khan said that the struggle for real freedom is considered as jihad Now we’ve all seen how to prepare and come. God willing, neither the bobbies who tortured the people will survive.

He said that now when we go out there will be no handicap in front of it. Supreme Court is going for the right of peaceful kick. Imported government know that we will noway fete you. Imported govt has increased the price of petrol and Fazlur Rehman raised prices.

Imran khan said that if Pakistan was created also it was a watchword. Pakistan means by Allah Allah will noway accept stealers and American slaves. They’re out to fight real freedom war against stealers. Activist Ali Shah from Lahore Faisal was martyred in the war of independence. As long as I’m alive I’ll not give up my struggle and jihad.


The public should be prepared for record deficits and inflation.

Muzammil Aslam said on social networking site Twitter that a total of Rs 160 billion supplementary grant was approved.

Muzammil Aslam said that Federal Minister Muftah Ismail was alleging that Shaukat Tareen had committed budget irregularities, adding that there was no money in the treasury.

Be prepared for record deficits and inflation he said.

The government cannot sustain the 6% GDP growth of our time in 2023-22. The economy is facing severe difficulties due to inflation and depreciation of the currency.

He said that the country has been growing at around 6% for the last two years. Will be.


Imran Khan Now will come to Islamabad completely prepared.

Speaking at a press conference in Peshawar, Chairman PTI Imran Khan said that he’d immolate his life but would not accept these stealers. I’ll not accept them.

Imran Khan said that the government was given 6 days time, now they will come set. These people have made suits against all of us. This is the job of these stealers. This is the job of this cabal. Go to your own circles and prepare.

Ex PM said that those who set fire to the trees weren’t our people. Property was being set on fire by the police and their people I had indeed called the families in kick Were coming for.

Imran khan said that CCPO Lahore and DG Operations have to go to court. A case has to be registered against DIG Operations. They will also file a solicitation against DIG Operations. Will file cases against them and put their faces on social media.

Imran Khan said that we’re lamb and scapegoats who’ll accept the slaves of America. This is the test of republic of Pakistan. The way of peaceful kick is being blocked in Pakistan. He abused women and attorneys and seized and killed them.


There was no deal with my establishment. Former PM Imran Khan.

PTI Chairman Imran Khan while addressing a news conference in Peshawar said that it was being said that we are going to create chaos.

If I didn’t care about my people and I would have sat there, there would have been a lot of bloodshed, hatred would have increased, but the police are also ours so we decided for the sake of our country.

Let no one think that there is a deal with my establishment. I am giving 6 days to the government. If the election is not announced then we will go with full preparation because this time we were not ready.

He said that the first martyr went to the house of a worker in Mardan while the other worker Faisal Abbas was martyred in Lahore. Other leaders of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf went to his house.
One crore rupees will be collected by the party for each of them.

“These are the people who came out in the spirit of true freedom. They decided to impose the most corrupt mafia government with a foreign conspiracy, so there is little to pay tribute to their family,” he said. ۔

He said that what happened to us in the peaceful protest and the peaceful protest was because the first conspiracy is formed in which all kinds of actors are involved and bring down the elected government of 220 million people.

The biggest insult to the country is that for 30 years those who were eating this country by stealing money and sending money abroad and committing all kinds of crimes were imposed on the country.

He said that first you conspire and then you let the thieves sit. In Western countries, no one can think of giving a person a post on bail while here he is made the Prime Minister and Chief Minister.

He said that 60% of the cabinet was on bail and if no nation could protest peacefully against it then this nation should not survive.

Imran Khan said that in every democracy of the world you have the right to peaceful protest. You should not be given the right to protest. Homes were attacked at night. After going to the court, the Supreme Court ruled that the police should not have done this and removed the obstacles.

After this decision, we understand that the obstacles will be removed and there will be no police action. We do not expect what happened after that.

Faisal Abbas was thrown down by the police in the same way as some sisters and daughters were beaten by the lawyers.

He said that the way Punjab police was used, there are very good officers in Punjab police but the present government selected such officers and then tortured them. IG of Islamabad was punished in Safe City project. Shahbaz Sharif was about to bring it back.

Federal Minister Omar Ayub went to talk to the police. The police beat him so brutally. I am still wondering which police kills its citizens, children, women and daughters as enemies of the country.

It took us 20 hours to reach the place as the people have come out. People were standing on the streets all night. People were picking up the children. Why don’t people see with their own eyes how people are coming out?

When there are footage on social media of repeated shelling on D-Chowk, there were terrorists who were shelled.
Similarly, tear gas was used at Liberty Chowk in Lahore. The same kind of violence was used in Karachi.

Imran Khan said that Rana Sanaullah Shahbaz Sharif is a follower of Hamza Sharif Yazid if the justice system of this country would have punished him when he shot people in front of TV in front of everyone then 60 people were abused. In which 14 people were killed, if they had been punished then perhaps they would not have committed such atrocities as the whole nation saw.

Our people were disappointed and asked why they went to D-Chowk and sat down. I assure you that it was not difficult for me to sit in sit-in for 126 days. Where the situation is heading.

The nation listened carefully. If I had not been concerned about the nation of the country and I also had money and property outside, my sons would also have large properties, then maybe I would not have been concerned about my country too. They were ready because they saw terrorism from the police. Our people were very angry who saw this spectacle.

Those who saw the condition of Omar Ayub and the way people got there after being beaten. If I had sat there on that day, I guarantee that the blood would have been spilled. Hatred against the police had increased. Is not to blame.

Imran Khan said that they were guilty and put glue butt. If there was bloodshed there would be chaos in the country. The economic situation of the country is in front of you. It was the loss of my country. No deal has been reached. I am hearing that there has been a deal with the Establishment. I have not had a deal with anyone.

The distance between the seeds of institutions and the people will increase. This is the loss of our country and the advantage of the enemies. That was the reason that prevented me from sitting there.

Let me make it clear that if anyone understands that we will now negotiate with them comfortably or accept this imported government let there be no misunderstanding. I consider it jihad. I will stand in front of it as long as I am alive. Will

I am personally concerned about something, I don’t care, I am only concerned about my country, so let me make it clear that I am giving 6 days in that if they do not clearly dissolve the assemblies and announce the date of elections he said. Will I go out again? Now we will go out fully prepared because no one was ready for the way the police attacked.

We were asking them for permission for Srinagar Highway. We didn’t get permission. We had to tell people about D-Chowk in Independence March.

The speed of the internet had slowed down. The media was under pressure. No one knew what was going on. One, we arrived late because they had set up barricades at three places in Burhan.

The citizens of Islamabad had come out all the families had gone out of the bar, they tortured them and used tear gas, as a result of which as many people were injured who went to the hospitals and despite the tear gas people kept coming back.

I have written a letter to the Chief Justice of Pakistan in which I have asked him all the questions whether in a democracy we have the right to protest or not. This is the basic right of a citizen. Take away the right to vote from Pakistanis abroad just because you are afraid of losing the election.


Islamabad National Assembly passes bill to abolish EVMs in forthcoming choices۔

Prime Minister Nazir Tarar has said that the former government didn’t take all parties into confidence regarding EVM.
Speaking in the National Assembly, Federal Law Minister Nazir Tarar said that political parties had reservations about electronic voting machines and the former government didn’t take all parties into confidence regarding EVMs.

He said that it wasn’t possible to hold choices on the same day across the country through EVM. Numerous emendations were made in this law in the PTI government and numerous expostulations were raised in the Election Commission on EVM while veritably little difference was made.

Azam Nazir Tarar said that when this bill came in the Senate, it was transferred to the commission and we held numerous meetings on it but the bill was passed by bulldozing the rules. There’s room for enhancement in the law.

He said that there were some failings in the 2018 choices which demanded to be remedied and under the guise of election reforms, stakeholders weren’t taken into confidence and called for EVM.

The Law Minister said that no bone can deprive the Overseas Pakistanis of their right to bounce and there’s a scuttlebutt about us that perhaps we aren’t in favor of Overseas vote.

We aren’t against EVMs and technology and we’re just hysterical that anything can be when RTS can sit still he said.


Five PTI workers were martyred in a peaceful march by the government.

Shah Mehmood Qureshi said that a meeting was held with the government in which an attempt was made to release the arrested persons and remove the containers but it did not happen.

He denied any talks with the government in the current situation and said that talks would not take place in such an environment where Pharaonic and Yazidism is being demonstrated by the government.

PTI leader Shahbaz Gul also said in a Twitter message that the imported government has martyred 5 of our people so far.

He said that the government had violated the sanctity of Chadar Chardiwari, insulted women, tortured elderly women, fired bullets, tear gas shells and shut down the entire country.