Dr. Yasmeen Rashid Brigadier Nadira Sultana Pakistan’s most capable lady Dr.

Aleem Rajput

I heard the name of Dr. Yasmeen Rashid in 1985. He is a great gynecologist. He did a special course from London and from USA. In Pakistan till then only two lady doctors had done this course. One was Yasmeen Rashid and the other was Brigadier Nadira Sultani who was in CMH.

The course was that when the baby was in the mother’s womb and was 110 days old, the baby’s blood would be tested from the mother’s womb to see if the baby was disabled or especially if he had thalassemia. No, if the child is found to be ill, he is discarded.

Because abortion after 120 days of age is legally tantamount to murder.

So the children of people suffering from thalassemia were tested and the tests of the soldiers were free in AFIP (Pathology Institute of the Armed Forces) but everyone else from Pakistan used to go to Dr. Yasmeen Rashid in Lahore.

Women would come from Balochistan, Sindh and even from all over Pakistan if they had money. Dr. Sahiba would take money from them but would take free samples of poor women and give them accommodation and food and also pay train or bus fare. Tour of Peshawar started.

The name of the test is probably HB Electrophoresis
Yasmeen Rashid started free treatment, then formed an organization, distributed free pamphlets and started thalassemia awareness campaign.

I once went for an MH test and by then one of my sons had died of thalassemia and there were three others.
Those who bleed three to four times a month, all three sons and a daughter later died six months eight years 14 years and daughter two and a half years old. Dr. Nadira Sultani took a sample and at the same time admitted my wife. Where do I and the rest of the children go to Pindi.

I said Dr. Sahib, we can’t stay here He said, No, I will not allow it tomorrow. I will also allow air travel. Otherwise, by road, to talk to me three days later.” Yasmeen Rashid comes to Peshawar to get a sample from them.

I said I didn’t really think much of the pain.
Then he said that there is hardly a doctor like Dr. Yasmeen in the world. Continue to say that even after living in London and America, she wears such clothes as if she has just come to harvest wheat. When he completed the course, the US Department of Health doubled his salary for refusing the job offer and then increased the benefits, but he said that my country needs me more.

Today is 2022. Dr. Sahiba herself is a cancer patient. Her hair has fallen out. She has gotten much better with the treatment.

Dr. Sahib’s family, husband, sons and daughters are in PTI. Her brother is retired from the post of General.

But currently living in Lahore
On such a great woman marching peacefully yesterday, Punjab police smashed the car windows with stones which should have been slotted. Give them a long life.

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