Imran Khan’s appeal for protection from the Supreme Court again.

Addressing the attorneys convention in Peshawar, Imran Khan said that our government was overthrown not because of corruption but under conspiracy. suppose of saving the country as jihad. Its a real war of emancipation.

He said that there has noway been such a public roar in the history of Pakistan against the defeat of the government.

PTI chief further said that he’d said that he’d befriend everyone and would support him in peace and would not support anyone in war.
He said Why should I give America a base.

We when were with them and we martyred of our own people Washington not only thanked us but also laid the debris of Afghanistan’s failure on us.

India’s foreign policy is free. He has noway shared in anyone’s war. He doesn’t want bad relations with anyone but will noway enslave anyone.
He said that the slaves of this plutocrat noway spoke against drone strikes and that’s why they were brought back.

These people have conspired and come upstairs and people aren’t with them. They don’t understand what to do now.
He said that taglines were raised against these people in Madinah. We were soliciting that night.

What could be worse than the curse of Allah that taglines were raised against you in Madinah and the FIR against us was dropped.
He said that attorneys have a veritably important part to play in saving the country. The base of republic in the world is morality.

Imran Khan said that all former governments in Pakistan were overthrown due to corruption. In the history, the autocrats of the country have always been loose. Our government wasn’t removed on corruption.
He said that Donald Lou had said that if Imran Khan was removed also he’d forgive him. When our government was removed also sweets weren’t distributed anywhere.

We said we’d be musketeers with everyone but we’d not be with you in the war. I kept saying that America’s war wasn’t ours.
opinions are made to please anyone. I was the only one in the country protesting against drone strikes he said.

Conspiring people were made to sit on us who aren’t ready to be accepted by the people. Then families like Zardari and Sharif are transferring plutocrat out by censoring plutocrat.

Maqsood Chaprasi had Rs 4 billion. stealers like Nawaz Sharif and Zardari are sitting in all the poor countries. Those who are sitting will break the rules of law.

They used tear gas shells on terrorists. Under what law were we stopped? I ask, did we spread chaos?

Supreme Court has to take a stage before this. I didn’t want lawlessness. We’ll go now with planning and medication.

He said that interest was to be paid on loans. Overseas Pakistanis helped us by transferring plutocrat. Record duty was collected during our term.

In Corona, Pakistan is one of the countries that saved its people and frugality.

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