Moscow Russia announces use of state-of-the- art ray munitions in Ukraine.

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Russia’s Deputy Foreign Minister Yuriy Borisov said in a Television interview that Russia was going to use the Zadira system in Ukraine, according to details.
The Zadira ray system, equipped with state-of-the- art ray munitions, can destroy targets at a distance of 5 km, jam all surveillance satellites within a range of one and a partial thousand kilometers, destroy colorful types of drones and launch the most precious dumdums. Suitable to help

Yuri Buriyev said in an interview that the Zadira system was being transferred to Russian military bases on the Ukrainian border and that the first generation of these munitions would be used soon.
Russia’s National Security Council Vice President Dmitry Medvedev has said that Russia won’t allow the outbreak of World War III.

Our cache of state-of-the- art, dependable and effective munitions will destroy the intentions of those who conjure of starting a third world war he said during a visit to the Sarov nuclear factory.
Dmitry Medvedev advised NATO member countries against supplying munitions to Ukraine, saying the process could turn into a full-bloated nuclear war.


Lahore: The power crisis in the country is still going on. Shotfall could not be reduced and power generation was further reduced due to lack of fuel.

Sources in the Power Division said that the shortfall of electricity in the country has reached 6,580 MW and due to lack of fuel, the production of electricity has been further reduced to 19,420 MW while the demand for electricity is 26,000. More than megawatts.

According to sources, the power plants are not getting the full amount of coal and LNG for LNG deals but it is necessary to pay in dollars for the supply while fuel is not being supplied due to non-payment by the government.

According to the power division, power generation from hydropower sources is 4,916 megawatts. Government thermal power plants are generating 1,084 megawatts of electricity, and private sector power plants are generating 10,156 megawatts.

The power generation from solar 700 MW from wind is 112 MW. Power plants running from Bagas are generating 166 MW of electricity whereas power generation from nuclear fuel is 2274 MW.

It should be noted that load shedding is being carried out for 16 hours in different parts of the country at present.