I am preparing for the independence movement in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

Addressing a rally in Shangla, PTI chairman Imran Khan said that since their arrival, flour, petrol and diesel have become more expensive because the United States does not allow cheap petrol.

He said that Pakistan was built 75 years ago on one slogan and the secret of our religion is in the word. ۔

Talking about inflation, he said that petrol and diesel prices have gone up in Pakistan while India had reduced the price of petrol by Rs. 25 per liter a few days ago. Percentage wanted to buy oil at a lower price but a conspiracy to overthrow our government.

Imran Khan said that Pakistan could not buy cheap oil from Russia without US permission and since the government came everything was getting more expensive. Shahbaz Sharif would never talk about Kashmir.

We do not believe in any superpower. We are preparing for the independence movement in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and we have to launch a full-fledged movement. We will not recognize them unless we hold clean and transparent elections he said.


The government has increased the price of electricity by Rs7.91 per unit.

According to the statement NEPRA determines the tariffs of the consumers by determining the separate transmission and distribution losses of each company in respect of different profit conditions of the electricity distribution companies. The fixed tariff was transferred to the Federal Government for announcement. Is.

According to the NEPRA Act, the civil government has the right to apply for the determination of invariant tariff for all discus. After the announcement is issued by the civil government, the fixed tariff is collected from the consumers.

The NEPRA statement further said that Mepco, Pesco, Gapco, Hesco, Sepco, Casco and Tesco had applied formulti-air tariffs for the fiscal time 2020- 21 to 2024- 25. The authority had fixed the tariff for the fiscal time 2022- 23 in its opinions.

NEPRA has fixed the public average tariff at Rs24.82 per unit for the fiscal time 2022- 23, which is Rs7.91 per unit advanced than the former tariff. drop in value is due to capacity cost and increase in energy prices in the global request.

The procurement cost of energy is estimated atRs. 1152 billion, capacity cost including NTDC and HVDC is estimated atRs. 1366 billion. The total profit of Discus is estimated at around Rs.

Mepco Pesco Gapco Hesco Sepco Casco and Tesco have been allowed to invest about Rs 406 billion for investment program in distribution system in 5 times period. Has gone.