How onion juice can assist you with diminishing glucose level.

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Diabetes is a metabolic problem which is expanding quickly step by step. It is influencing the old to youths and kids. Unfortunate way of life wrong dietary patterns being truly inert are a portion of the primary purposes behind this.

Diabetes can prompt stoutness organ disappointment and numerous different issues. Diabetic patients additionally face feeble resistance However do you have any idea that Onion to control glucose have some control over your glucose level. Indeed, this has come up in a new exploration.


More than five billion rupees collected in Tehreek-e-Insaf’s fundraising live telethon campaign to help flood victims.

Former Prime Minister Imran Khan’s special assistant Dr. Sania Nishtar said this in a statement.

He said that two billion rupees have been dedicated for the rehabilitation works in the telethon. Since August 29, more than 3.8 million dollars have been received.

Dr. Sania Nishtar said that the payment of 1 crore 78 million dollars could not be made through credit cards and demanded that the State Bank should take notice of this matter.

He further said that 1 billion 90 crore rupees have been received from overseas Pakistanis, including Pakistan, about one lakh Pakistanis from all over the world have submitted donations.

Announcement to start relief activities in Sindh with telethon donations
In the telethon, Pakistanis from home and abroad and well-known people from various fields including personalities from showbiz, sports and politics, announced donations for the flood victims.

Ex PM Imran Khan himself was present in this telethon campaign on various social media platforms.