American citizens should never drink the water.

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Jackson After climate change around the world, heavy rains and floods have engulfed many big cities.

A similar situation is also found in America, where in the near future in the city of Jackson, Mississippi, it will be impossible to get potable water for an indefinite period after the flood.

In this regard, it is being said by the concerned authorities that after the failure of the pump of the main water treatment plant, one hundred and eighty thousand people faced difficulties in water supply and drinking water was provided to the citizens through bottles and tankers.

Mississippi Governor Tate Reeves declared a state of emergency in the city regarding the current situation, saying that the city’s water treatment plant, which had been operating for several years, had suffered from mismanagement and lack of staff.

According to US Census data, more than 80 percent of the population in Jackson, the capital of the state of Mississippi, is black or African American.

Foreign news agency Reuters
According to the report
Regarding the water shortage, Mississippi Governor Tate Reeves said in a news conference that the recent flooding in the Pearl River caused many complications.

He said that the motors driving the pumps of the water treatment plant broke down recently, after which the backup pumps continued to operate, but now they also broke down.

Governor Tate Reeves warned that until the water treatment plant system is fixed, we will not have a reliable large-scale water supply and that the city will not have enough water to fight fires, use toilets, and other critical needs. USA is not enough water to meet the demand.


China has announced to give three million dollars in aid to Pakistan flood victims.

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The Chinese leadership expressed good wishes for President Arif Alvi and Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif in a special message. China has announced 100 million yuan aid for the victims and donated 25,000 tents and other relief items.

Chinese Ambassador to Pakistan Nong Rong conveyed the message of the Chinese leadership to the Pakistani leadership. Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif said that as always the leadership and people of China have shown Pakistan friendship and generosity to President Xi Jinping and PM Li Keqiang. Graceful you from the bottom of my heart.

On the other hand, Chinese Air Force flights carrying the first batch of 300 tents will arrive in Karachi today and tomorrow. Chinese Ambassador to Pakistan Nong Rong will hand over the relief materials to the Pakistani authorities in Karachi.

The Economic Affairs Division will be formally informed on the return of the Chinese ambassador from Karachi regarding the provision of aid by China to the flood victims.


Islamabad Imran Khan started telethon transmission to help the flood victims.

PTI Chairman Imran Khan said in the telethon transmission that the country is facing a big test at this time, the whole country is affected due to floods, that’s why Our decided that the whole of Pakistan should face this test together.

Imran Khan’s telethon campaign was attended by politicians, artists and well-known personalities, including Punjab Chief Minister Parvez Elahi, former cricketer Inzamam-ul-Haq, actress Atiqa Odhu Hamza Ali Abbasi Javed Sheikh Shan Shahid, writer Khalilur Rehman Qamar, singer Salman Ahmed Abrar. Al-Haq and others were involved.

Imran Khan said that we as a nation have to help our flood victims, join our youth volunteer force and help the victims.

He said that we are building a control room through which the volunteers will be guided and directed so that the volunteers can reach the affected people.

The former prime minister said that there are reports of loss of life that there were more than 1,000 deaths, while it is estimated financially that more than 1,000 billion have been lost due to floods.

Imran Khan said that he has seen the nation helping the victims in the 2010 flood, and even in this difficult time, the entire nation is with the flood victims and will help them fully.

He said that whatever funds will be received will be spent under the leadership of Sania Nishtar. Our aim is that whatever funds are collected will be spent on the flood victims.

Announcement of aid.

During the telethon campaign, 50 crores of rupees were collected in a few minutes, while 22 crores of aid has been announced by a Pakistani from America.

Pakistan boxer Amir Khan of British origin also announced to donate five million rupees.

In Imran Khan telethon campaign, another overseas Pakistani donated five million rupees to the flood victims.

A Pakistani citizen canceled his retirement program and announced to give one million rupees to the victims.


The money received from the telethon will be used throughout Pakistan.

In a special message related to the telethon yesterday for the flood victims, Imran Khan said that Pakistanis, you know that Allah has put us to a big test, a bigger flood than 2010 has come to Pakistan today.

He said that many people of the country are severely affected by the flood. I am collecting money for the flood victims through a telethon. Telethon will be held at 9:30 tomorrow night to help the flood victims.

Imran Khan said that I ask all Pakistanis and overseas to participate in the telethon as soon as the money comes, we will distribute it among the flood victims.

He said that the funds that will come from the telethon will be seen by Sania Nishtar, a committee under her will include people from all the provinces and the money that will be received from the telethon will be used in the whole of Pakistan.


Fries burger.

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Potato is a vegetable that every household needs, it is a staple food for every person, young and old, whether it is boiled and cooked or made into items like fries or crisps, it is equally popular among all.

A decrease in the potato harvest has been predicted due to excessive heat in European countries and global climate change.

After this situation, it is feared that the prices of potato products like french fries and chips will also increase.

The potato crop is among the summer crops that have suffered this year with record temperatures and Europe’s worst drought in 500 years.

In this regard, economic analysts say that, apart from Germany, France, the Netherlands and Belgium, the northwest belt is part of the majority of the European Union’s potato production.

This year’s weather conditions could push EU potato production to the lowest level on record since the previous drought in 2018.

Inflation has also increased sharply due to rising food prices worldwide, resulting in inflation in Europe reaching nine percent, not seen in the last fifty years.

A farmer in Germany, Eric Gossen, says that bad weather and drought could cause half of the potato crop to be lost.

The Department of Agriculture has directed to start the cultivation of potato autumn crop immediately.

On the other hand, the spokesperson of the Ministry of Agriculture of Germany did not predict the harvest in the report of August this month, but he says that the chances of a good harvest of potatoes have become much less than before.

Also, a vendor selling fries in Belgium says that the low availability of quality potatoes will further increase prices.

He said that it is too early to say how much the prices will increase, but it can be said with certainty that the price of potatoes may increase or decrease.

International food firms such as McDonald’s have also increased prices in the context of rising commodity prices this year, and the prices of fries in the UK have also increased.

In 2018 French farmers had to renegotiate contracts with buyers such as McCain to allow fewer fries after the worst drought of the year.

Regard in the managing director of the French potato sector, Bernard Oylan, said that similar problems may be faced this year as well.


In the past, a serious mistake was made by not building a dam.

I ask them that they had no idea about the dam.

Addressing a public meeting held in Jhelum regarding the real freedom movement, Imran Khan said that there is a flood situation in the whole country. .

Imran Khan said that the nation fights any test together and succeeds. Our true freedom struggle will continue even in flood wars.

Addressing the rally, Imran Khan said that he will hold a telethon for the flood victims on Monday and collect funds for them.

The collected money will be distributed among the beneficiaries through Sania Nishtar under a fund.

Targeting the PDM leadership in the Jhelum rally, Imran Khan said that the PDM should also listen to those who say that Imran Khan is doing politics until the country is freed from you thieves, our real freedom struggle will continue.

He said that don’t worry, Imran Khan and his governments will provide full service to the flood victims, they will do the work for the flood victims which they have not been able to do till date.

Imran Khan also criticized Bilawal Bhutto without naming him and said that when there are dams, rain comes, water comes, the water is blocked, the water that causes destruction becomes a blessing in the form of a dam.


Dubai’s famous Karak Chai is out of reach of people.

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In Dubai, a place popular among tourists from all over the world, where there are many attractive things, the special Karak tea here is also very popular among local people and tourists, but the inflation has also affected the price of tea.

Moin, a tea seller, says that initially its price was set at only one dirham, which now has no choice but to increase it to one and a half dirhams.

Everything used in tea has become expensive, milk, sugar, tea leaves, etc. Even disposable cups have doubled in price.

Made with milk, sugar, best leaves and cardamom, this Karak Chai is considered to be Dubai’s signature drink and is popular among locals and tourists alike.

On the increase in the price of this particular drink, Moin says that for almost two decades, the cardamom-flavored and fatigue-relieving drink has been priced at one dirham, which was a 100-fils coin of the Emirates.

Abdullah Mousavis, a Palestinian citizen living in the Emirates, says that apart from this special tea, the price of cone ice cream of a well-known brand here has also increased from 1 dirham to 2 dirhams recently.


China’s J-20 jet fighter not visible in the radar is a headache for the West.

China’s J-20 fighter jet has become a headache for America, Taiwan, South Korea, Japan and other rivals.

An American newspaper has published a report about China’s advanced radar-evading J-20 fighter jet. 22 and the third plane after F-35 not visible in the radar.

China has spent $4.4 billion on the project so far, and each plane costs $120 million.

According to this report, it is possible that China has made 150 planes of this model so far. The Chinese are producing one plane of this model every month. Now this warplane is engaged in flights over Taiwan and the Southeast Sea. Generally, this warplane is Taiwan. flies over the territories of and has become a headache for the Taiwanese air defense system as it is not visible to any radar.

Taiwan has US-supplied F-16 Vipers to counter the J-20.

This Chinese fighter jet J-20 can fly at a speed of Mach 2 up to an altitude of 60,000 feet and is equipped with Chinese-made air-to-air missiles PL-12 and PL-21 and PL-10.

This Chinese warplane has a great capability of electronic jamming and if it is against US naval targets, it can cause a serious threat by firing sea-targeting missiles. South Korea and Japan are also worried about the J-20 warplane. are victims.


Another record of public popularity of Islamabad Tehreek-e-Insaf.

On the invitation of Imran Khan, millions of youth contacted to be a part of Imran Tigers.

According to the media report, Imran Khan invited the youth to join the Imran Tigers yesterday evening, after which the public’s involvement in the Imran Tigers continues.

In order to register for Imran Tigers, PTI has provided a WhatsApp number and a website. In the first 15 hours after Imran Khan’s announcement, 42 thousand people applied on WhatsApp.

The website provided by Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) for joining Imran Tigers is
But so far 2 lakh 88 thousand people have contacted.

Sources say that for the first time in the country’s history, the invitation of a party has received such a large response from the people, after which PTI has become the party that has received such a large response in a very short time.


Invited youth to join Imran Tigers.

Imran Khan also clarified the procedure for joining Imran Tigers. He said that I am inviting the youth to join Imran Tigers. Imran Tiger will have fanatics who will take my message door to door.

Imran Khan said that my message is true freedom, my message is how we can become an independent nation. System there is of injustice and ignorance in the country.

Ik said that Iqbal’s Shaheen is the one who breaks the chains and flies. Unfortunately, we have not been able to become a free nation so far. The journey of real freedom has now entered a decisive stage. We need our youth to convey the message of real freedom.

I also need youth to stop rigging on election day.

He said that the mafia wins the election by rigging, I want the ideological youth to be present at the polling station, we will free this country from the mafia despite the rigging, inshaAllah.

The chairman said that the youth should write yes in the message and become a part of Imran Tiger. After writing yes, the name of the website will appear in the message. I want all the youth to participate fully in it. will be the first step towards