American citizens should never drink the water.

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Jackson After climate change around the world, heavy rains and floods have engulfed many big cities.

A similar situation is also found in America, where in the near future in the city of Jackson, Mississippi, it will be impossible to get potable water for an indefinite period after the flood.

In this regard, it is being said by the concerned authorities that after the failure of the pump of the main water treatment plant, one hundred and eighty thousand people faced difficulties in water supply and drinking water was provided to the citizens through bottles and tankers.

Mississippi Governor Tate Reeves declared a state of emergency in the city regarding the current situation, saying that the city’s water treatment plant, which had been operating for several years, had suffered from mismanagement and lack of staff.

According to US Census data, more than 80 percent of the population in Jackson, the capital of the state of Mississippi, is black or African American.

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Regarding the water shortage, Mississippi Governor Tate Reeves said in a news conference that the recent flooding in the Pearl River caused many complications.

He said that the motors driving the pumps of the water treatment plant broke down recently, after which the backup pumps continued to operate, but now they also broke down.

Governor Tate Reeves warned that until the water treatment plant system is fixed, we will not have a reliable large-scale water supply and that the city will not have enough water to fight fires, use toilets, and other critical needs. USA is not enough water to meet the demand.