Fries burger.

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Potato is a vegetable that every household needs, it is a staple food for every person, young and old, whether it is boiled and cooked or made into items like fries or crisps, it is equally popular among all.

A decrease in the potato harvest has been predicted due to excessive heat in European countries and global climate change.

After this situation, it is feared that the prices of potato products like french fries and chips will also increase.

The potato crop is among the summer crops that have suffered this year with record temperatures and Europe’s worst drought in 500 years.

In this regard, economic analysts say that, apart from Germany, France, the Netherlands and Belgium, the northwest belt is part of the majority of the European Union’s potato production.

This year’s weather conditions could push EU potato production to the lowest level on record since the previous drought in 2018.

Inflation has also increased sharply due to rising food prices worldwide, resulting in inflation in Europe reaching nine percent, not seen in the last fifty years.

A farmer in Germany, Eric Gossen, says that bad weather and drought could cause half of the potato crop to be lost.

The Department of Agriculture has directed to start the cultivation of potato autumn crop immediately.

On the other hand, the spokesperson of the Ministry of Agriculture of Germany did not predict the harvest in the report of August this month, but he says that the chances of a good harvest of potatoes have become much less than before.

Also, a vendor selling fries in Belgium says that the low availability of quality potatoes will further increase prices.

He said that it is too early to say how much the prices will increase, but it can be said with certainty that the price of potatoes may increase or decrease.

International food firms such as McDonald’s have also increased prices in the context of rising commodity prices this year, and the prices of fries in the UK have also increased.

In 2018 French farmers had to renegotiate contracts with buyers such as McCain to allow fewer fries after the worst drought of the year.

Regard in the managing director of the French potato sector, Bernard Oylan, said that similar problems may be faced this year as well.