In the past, a serious mistake was made by not building a dam.

I ask them that they had no idea about the dam.

Addressing a public meeting held in Jhelum regarding the real freedom movement, Imran Khan said that there is a flood situation in the whole country. .

Imran Khan said that the nation fights any test together and succeeds. Our true freedom struggle will continue even in flood wars.

Addressing the rally, Imran Khan said that he will hold a telethon for the flood victims on Monday and collect funds for them.

The collected money will be distributed among the beneficiaries through Sania Nishtar under a fund.

Targeting the PDM leadership in the Jhelum rally, Imran Khan said that the PDM should also listen to those who say that Imran Khan is doing politics until the country is freed from you thieves, our real freedom struggle will continue.

He said that don’t worry, Imran Khan and his governments will provide full service to the flood victims, they will do the work for the flood victims which they have not been able to do till date.

Imran Khan also criticized Bilawal Bhutto without naming him and said that when there are dams, rain comes, water comes, the water is blocked, the water that causes destruction becomes a blessing in the form of a dam.