I have come to know that an attempt is being made to topple our Punjab government.

Addressing a public meeting in Chishtian, Imran Khan said that Pakistan has changed, now consciousness has come among the people, now it will not be a bloody revolution, but it will come through votes.

Without the supremacy of law, no society can develop. Remember that the country will not be prosperous until justice is established.

Imran Khan said that Hazrat Ali said that the system of disbelief can work but not oppression. Our country’s problems are not solved because big thieves come to power. When I went to jail, there were small thieves and when I went to the assembly, there were big thieves. were

Criticizing the Sharif family, Chairman PTI said that once Chishtian was the stronghold of PML-N but now London has become their stronghold. I give orders to put.

Imran Khan said that I have always seen my statements about the strength of the judiciary and the army. Don’t cover Khan, my challenge is, do whatever you have to do, you guys will lose.

Addressing the public meeting, Imran Khan said that because of fear, these people are now imposing restrictions, including ARY News, and the channels presenting our position were closed. To stop the coverage of the meeting, they closed YouTube itself.

I have come to know that now a new plan has been made, an attempt is being made to bring down our Punjab government, an attempt is being made to make loot, crores of rupees are being given in Punjab.


At what stage the country is deciding, I will fight them as long as I have life.

Addressing the lawyers convention in Chishtian, Imran Khan said that all those who were big thieves are imposing on us today. But now the consciousness that I see in people today is never seen before.

Imran Khan said Now they are trying to disqualify Imran Khan in some way or the other and win the election and impose again, but I have training for competition and I will show it by fighting him.

India is buying oil from Russia at a 40% lower price Why is the current government not buying oil from Russia at a lower price?

He said that today there is historical inflation which has never happened in the past, factories are closing down and oil prices are increasing Economic growth was at 6% which was dropped in 4 months.