The Battle of Dograi is of special importance in this war fought for the defense of Lahore.

In this, the Pakistan Army shattered the enemy’s dream of occupying Lahore.

The seventeen day war of September 1965 is very important in the military history of Pakistan. The day of September 22 rose with the sun of India’s seventeen days of defeat.

In this war fought for the defense of Lahore, the battle of Dograi has a special importance in which the Punjab Regiment of Pakistan Army under the leadership of Lt. Col. JF Golwala crushed the enemy’s dream of occupying Lahore with the blood of martyrs.

16 Punjab repulsed 18 enemy attacks in these 17 days with the help of only two companies and the sacrifice of 106 martyrs is a great example of Pakistan’s determination and courage.

The memorial of these martyrs located in Lahore Cantonment is there in the name of Ganj Shaheedan. Every year on September 22, homage is paid to the martyrs who sacrificed their lives for the sake of the country.

Ex-military officers expressed their feelings on the occasion of the 22nd September commemoration and said that only 2 companies fought continuously for 12 days against 36 enemy companies and 106 soldiers became our martyrs. I was full since the establishment of Pakistan till now our army has been sacrificing their lives.

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