The fruit of success in hard work.

a person cooking food on a grill with tongs

A few years ago, a young man set up a shawarma stall on the corner of the street in our neighborhood. He bought the complete equipment and the stall probably for 25,000 to 30,000. He was hardworking and honest, so the work started.

The expenses of the house etc. would be easily met, the shop in front of which the stall was set up, he also gave a hundred rupees as rent per day. After some time, a committee was put in the market. When a shop became vacant at the back, they immediately rented four chairs, a table and a fridge and kept cold drinks.

Within a few weeks, he added a Syrian kebab and burger stall, hired two employees, then rented another shop and started making barbeques, etc. The salary is at least six hundred to two thousand rupees per day. I heard that he is going to start a breakfast point in a few days. Earning Now he is lakhs of rupees per month.

We know that there are only two reasons for how this all happened.

One is that he was hardworking and the other is that he was not told by any intellectual that this country has become a hell and is not fit to live in, so get out of this country as soon as possible and by any means, even if it is illegal. Why not use it?