Most The Valuable Stunning Useful of Melons.

two green and yellow round fruits

Melon is a delicious and nutritious fruit of the summer season, filled with goodness from its flesh and peel, both serving nutritional and medicinal purposes. Melons, both warm and cool, belong to the same family, bringing vibrancy to our tables in various attractive forms influenced by water and air.

During the hot season, when the scorching heat leaves people restless and uncomfortable, perhaps there’s no fruit as refreshing and soothing as melon. Just like a tiny seed giving rise to the lush green delicate branches of the melon, spreading in colorful patterns across the ground, its consumption helps eliminate bodily dryness, restore the natural elasticity of veins, and alleviate our hunger. Sweet melon is warmer, sourer cooler, and bland moderately temperate in nature.

A healthy stomach digests it within one and a half to two hours, while the increase in moisture causes cold-natured individuals to experience its burping for three to four hours.

Nature’s chemistry has incorporated phosphorus, calcium, potassium, creatine, copper, glucose, and vitamins A, B, and C into it, providing ample amounts of vitamin D, which strengthens the body and combats seasonal heat. It also contains oily starch components essential for meat production.

Laborers and farmers often rely on melons to combat the sweltering summer, and their faces gleam with radiance. Half a kilogram of melon is as nutritious as two loaves of bread. Melon aids in relieving the dryness of the stomach, intestines, and digestive tract by expelling toxic waste and enhancing the color of the body, thus alleviating constipation.

Nature has endowed it with the ability to expel uric acid and other toxic wastes through urine, cleansing the kidneys and removing accumulated impurities.

For young girls experiencing heaviness at the onset of menstruation, urinary burning, inflammation, and discomfort, it serves both as a remedy and a delicious meal. Using two to three melons daily for one to two months not only alleviates menstrual complaints but also clears facial blemishes.

In lactating women, its consumption increases milk production.

For small and large joints suffering from pain due to the elimination of uric acid, its use leads to a reduction in pain.

Eating melons to satisfaction for six months protects against diseases like constipation.

Its use strengthens the back and makes married life more enjoyable. For warm-natured youth, its consumption relieves liver inflammation and reduces water retention in the stomach.

For a patient suffering from agonizing joint pain, giving them 30 grams of its dried peel, boiled in a cup of rose water and filtered, mixed with three grams of salt, provides immediate relief.

Adding six grams of its peel to a leg of meat while cooking makes the meat tender quickly.

Grinding 50 grams of melon seeds in water and boiling them into sweet rice enhances body color, induces moisture in the brain, and promotes delicious sleep.

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