If you don’t feel it even after fasting, it’s not fasting, it’s just hunger.

I asked Azam, uncle tomorrow there is iftar at my house, there will be around fifty friends, I want pakoras, how much money should I give you in advance?
Chachaji looked at me and smiled questioningly.

“How much can you pay?”

I felt as if uncle had insulted me.

Knowing me for a long time, this question was absurd and mocking
I took out more money than the original price and kept it in front of uncle.

Chacha ji picked up the money and gave it to me.

It to Give old woman across the street in front.

Come tomorrow and take your samosas and pakoras
You have solved my problem. It was almost time for Iftar and I did not have enough money to give it to her.

A cold wave ran through my body
Who is he??
An uncontrollable question came out of my mouth.

He said She is my mother, daughter and sister. You money people know what relationships are like. Those who are not recognized by humanity, how will they have the illusion of relationships?”

She has been standing for the last three hours neither asking nor anyone giving
You people consider being hungry as fasting and eating relatives if you are full, you consider that you have earned reward.

You don’t feel it even after fasting, then it’s not fasting, it’s just hunger.”

I was going towards this old man with heavy feet and I was thinking that I was weighing my faith, the money in my hand was not mine, it belonged to the poor pakoda man, my money was building relationships.

Uncle Ji’s money was going to get Allah’s pleasure.

I was wondering why I did not see the mother, sister and daughter in this old man?
Oh, I wish I could see through uncle’s eyes too
Oh, I wish all the nobles had the same eye.


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