Imran Khan was allowed bail in 7 cases and prevented the police from capturing him.

A 2-part seat headed by Boss Equity Amir Farooq heard the case. Equity Amir Farooq and Equity Mian Gul Hassan Aurangzeb seat heard the case. Legal counselor Imran Khan said, “I’m heartbroken, I will see sometime later. Mature north of 60 years is an issue of biometrics.”

Equity Amir Farooq commented that 60-year-olds don’t have thumbprints. Legal counselor Salman Safdar said that Imran Khan had gotten bail from the Lahore High Court on Walk 17, then he came here on Walk 18 yet couldn’t get bail from the Counter Psychological oppression Court. .

The Main Equity gave comments and said that for what reason didn’t attend the court date court first, help the court on this. We had additionally said at the last hearing that we will see the suitability of the application. Legal counselor Imran Khan said that the bail is still on the ground. Safeguarding the existence of the petitioner is important. There has been a lethal assault on the candidate.

You are making the states of the rule of law yourself. Assuming you come to the court with 10,000 individuals, there will be states of the rule of law.

Imran Khan went to the platform and mentioned that I need to say something. Boss Equity Umar Farooq asked that you plunk down. The attorney is telling everything. Taught to sit, Imran Khan got back to his seat.

Imran Khan has security concerns which should be certified. Imran Khan has been gone after once. The court called Backer General Islamabad Jahangir Jadoon to the platform. said.

Advocate General said that the preliminary court was moved from F8 Court to Legal Complex. It is the obligation of Imran Khan to guarantee a quiet climate.

That’s what the Main Equity asked on the off chance that you don’t give security, then how would it be advisable for them to respond? We have a request today. We will hear it tomorrow when the organization offers an untrustworthy response. can

Legal counselor Imran Khan said that two previous heads of the state have been killed throughout the entire existence of Pakistan. One state head has been killed. Today, I documented 7 bail applications. Imran Khan’s bail applications went to the counter psychological warfare court on Walk 18. Passage authorization was not gotten. Afterward, Islamabad High Court conceded break bail in 7 instances of Imran Khan.

Imran Khan has recorded an application in the Islamabad High Court for pre-capture bail in 7 cases, which was protested by the Enlistment center’s Office.

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