Pakistan 76% people from want to go abroad.

According to Pied’s survey, 76 percent of people from Pakistan are willing to go abroad.

A survey was conducted by PID, a major economic planning organization, in which 40 percent of people from urban areas are willing to go abroad, while 36 percent of people from rural areas are willing to leave the country for a better future and employment. want to go

Pied’s survey is a reflection of the country’s conditions, if the current incompetent leadership wakes up, it will be known that there is a long distance between the people and the institutions.

After all, why are people leaving the country? Leave the incompetent politicians and journalists. Realize the current situation. Decisions in closed rooms are not accepted by the people.

The worst economic situation the country is facing today is the result of the criminal corruption and economic policies and priorities of the PML-N
Holding PTI’s 50-day government responsible for this is nothing but hypocrisy and cynicism. The world knew that the economic situation had become dangerous and what was happening was inevitable.

The country has reached default today. In its first three-and-a-half-year tenure, the inexperienced government saved the country from defaulting in the severe crisis of Corona, and now in the dark of the night, in the dark of the night, the country is again being attacked by thieves. The country has been brought to the brink of defaults by imposing

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