The authority of the Chief Justice’s automatic notice was abolished.

The government has abolished the Chief Justice of Pakistan’s notice Somoto alone.

The legislature has come out against the legislature.

Pakistan Peoples Party leader and lawmaker Sardar Latif Khosa said that despite the joint session of the present parliament, a constitutional amendment cannot be made.

Pakistan Tehreek -e -Insaf leader and expert Law Babar Awan also said that the Supreme Court exercises the authority of Somoto under 184 section 3, and the amendment to the constitution cannot be done without a two -thirds majority.

Latif Khosa strongly criticized the PML -N, saying that it has been the backbone of the PML -N, and those who have taken action against the judiciary have always been awarded by the PML -N.

He pointed to a clear division in the judiciary and said that constitutional matters should be viewed by the Supreme Court, the Supreme Court should look into the constitution to change the rules of the Supreme Court and it requires two -thirds majority while the current. Despite the joint session of Parliament, constitutional amendments cannot be made.

Latif Khosa said that the Supreme Court will reject the proposed bill because it is a disgust on the independent judiciary. One has no learned a lesson from history.

Expert Law Babar Awan said that where the law is present, the amendment is also there and the Supreme Court has made its separate roles where amendments may be made but the rules of the Supreme Court cannot be amended through Parliament.

He said that amending the rules of the Supreme Court from Parliament is actually a distrust of the institution.

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