Rawalpindi High level appointments and transfers in the Pakistan Army.

High level appointments and transfers in pakistan army.

Pakistan Army Public Relations (ISPR), high level appointments and transfers have been made in the Pakistan Army. Lieut General Muhammad Chirag Haider has been posted as Corps Commander Multan.

ISPR said that Lieut General Sahir Shamshad Mirza Corps Commander Rawalpindi Lieut General Azhar Abbas has been appointed as Chief of General Staff while Liet General Muhammad Waseem Ashraf has been appointed as Director General Joint Staff Headquarters.


ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Pervez Musharraf has inflicted great injustice on the ruling class in the country of NRO.

PM Imran khan Speech islamabad High court in ceremony.

According to details, Prime Minister Imran Khan while addressing the ground breaking ceremony of District Courts building in Islamabad said that the powerful sections who were given NRO by Pervez Musharraf had robbed the people of their money so how could they take unilateral decisions. Under this, the money could have been given to someone. This money did not belong to Pervez Musharraf but to the country.

This money belongs to the people. They all come together and say give us NRO. The Prime Minister said 25 years ago the name of the party was Tehreek-e-Insaf. Allah gave me everything. I did not need to enter politics. Seeing came into politics, the country went down very fast after 1985. Bangladesh and India have gone beyond Pakistan. Due to the lack of rule of law, we are left behind. A civilized society brings the powerful under the rule of law.

Imran Khan said that our struggle against the restoration of Chief Justice was prominent. It was a democratic effort in which lawyers also sacrificed a lot. In fact, that struggle consisted of the rule of law in which you were sending a message to a dictator that you are not Judicial independence has not yielded the results it should have.

He said that separate law for rich and poor in Pakistan is our biggest tragedy. The country can develop only because of independent judiciary. Weak needs justice. Strong is above law. ۔

The Prime Minister said that Overseas Pakistanis are the biggest asset of the country. If migrants get plots in the country, they get occupied.

Addressing the judiciary, he assured that the government would extend all possible cooperation to provide necessary resources for the delivery of justice.

Earlier, Chief Justice Islamabad High Court Athar Minallah while addressing the function said that cheap and speedy justice is the basic right of every citizen and if the rule of law prevails then the rights of the poor will be protected. Waiting for the building.

He said that we got independence with great difficulty. Cheap and speedy justice is the responsibility of the state. District courts are very important for the weaker sections of the society. Establishment of district courts in Islamabad was very important.


Pakistan Air Force Day is being celebrated across the country today.

Pakistan Air Force day 7 September

Air Force Day is celebrated with enthusiasm on September 7 to pay tribute to the unforgettable role of the Pakistan Air Force in the 1965 war. The brave falcons repulsed the enemy’s attack and maintained the pride and glory of the beloved homeland.

When India imposed aggression on Pakistan in 1965, the Pakistani Shaheens destroyed the arrogance of the enemy. The plane crashed within 30 seconds.

MM Alam, who marked a new chapter in the world’s military history in the 1965 war, made the entire nation proud with his courageous abilities. Pakistan Air Force Sputnik was awarded titles such as Falcon and Little Dragon for his exceptional combat aerial skills.
MM Alam made it clear in his life that Pakistan’s air capability dominates India. MM Alam, who made the impossible possible with his F-86 fighter jet, was awarded the country’s third highest military award, the Star of Courage.

This is the determination that our falcons repeat on Air Force Day. The Pakistani nation will hold ceremonies today on government buildings to pay tribute to their fallen falcons. Flags will be flown and flowers will be laid at the graves of the martyrs.

Attendance at the grave of Rashid Minhas Shaheed, a young Air Force pilot who received the Haider Medal, and salute him is also part of the celebrations.