The story of the Thar Desert.

The history of the desert

Ashfaq Ahmed Sahib says that he had set up camp at some place in the Thar Desert in Sindh.

Among them was a teenage boy, fifteen or sixteen years old, carrying a basket of watermelons on his head, and behind him a little girl, five or six years old, walking.
When I asked, I found out that my parents were dead, so this boy sells watermelons and sometimes melons in other settlements and also keeps his sister with him. He does not leave home alone.

One morning Ashfaq Sahib called her and asked her to tell her one thing. Will be in your mind

The boy’s response was that he had a liver transplant
You know, sir, the heat is intense and the sun rains fire. When I walk with a basket on my head, my shadow becomes bigger, including the basket. I want this daughter of my parents to stay in my shadow and walk in my shadow Stay out of the sun.

Ashfaq Ahmed says that the tears did not stop and sighs came out
After hearing these words of that desert child, this illiterate young boy had explained in these two sentences the rights of sisters, the protection of children, the protection of orphans and the value of humanity.

(Qadir Mustafaee)


Facebook has introduced new smart glasses.

Facebook has Introduced smart glasses.

According to the company, there are five megapixel cameras on either side of the lens, which can be used to take pictures and videos.
Music can be listened to through smart glasses while phone calls are also available. Glasses weighing 50 grams can be charged from a case made of pure leather.

Equipped with facial recognition, the Smart Glasses database allows you to identify the person in front of you and access his or her other information. Glasses also have a belt-in camera.

The critics say it will give people the power to harass others by obtaining personal information, but company management says it is reviewing legal aspects of the security issue. The glasses cost 50,000 Pakistani rupees. Makes more than Rs.