Lahore: Pakistani actress Fiza Ali fell and injured during shooting.

Actor Fiza Ali fell in during Shooting

According to details, a video of actress Fiza Ali is going viral on social media in which Fiza Ali along with other cast can be seen shooting in a beautiful rocky place.

During the shooting, Fiza Ali suddenly fell down, after which the staff rushed to the actress. Someone started giving her water and someone tried to support her.

At the same time, the other staff and fellow actors looked so upset that the screaming started because after Fada Ali fell, I kept repeating the same sentence in the world of severe pain and my head exploded.


Honors for the state of Pakistan and happiness of the people.

Honors for the state of pakistan Happiness of the people.

The fall of Ashraf Ghani’s government in Afghanistan and the Taliban’s control of Kabul and the presidential palace were unexpected for everyone. By August 31, the withdrawal of US and coalition forces was looking difficult.
Taliban warns US to evacuate Afghanistan by deadline

It was in the interest of Afghanistan and neighboring Pakistan for foreigners to leave immediately. Traffic at the airport could be controlled only to a limited extent. Provide transit entry transit facility in case.
According to the schedule for which more than ten thousand came to Pakistan and went to their countries by available flight.
It was an honor for the state of Pakistan and a source of joy for the people that the state of Pakistan could serve the interests of international organizations and other countries, but unfortunately some political opponents could not digest this noble move of Pakistan.
People who speak or act against the interests of the state of Pakistan, such political opponents have spent their entire lives working against the interests of the country. These are the political opponents who did not allow Pakistan to develop during their fifty years of rule. The country is indebted, pushed into crises, promoted corruption, bribery, black law, these political opponents will not have happiness in both worlds.

Contradictions in the thinking of political leaders and ordinary citizens
After Imran Khan became the Prime Minister, Pakistanis living abroad were released from prisons in Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, Kuwait and other countries. Felt
Otherwise, the NLP and PPP rulers have never before paid attention to the problems of Pakistanis living abroad.
After the defeat of US forces in Afghanistan, ordinary Pakistanis are now proud of the performance of their government and defense agencies.

That the state of Pakistan has got a high position in the international arena which is making the heights of Pakistan and Islam clear but the leaders of PML-N and PPP
Opposition forces are still not ready to give importance to the role of Pakistan Army and Government of Pakistan. Due to this gap, the opposition political parties have lost their place among the people.

What a pity that the opposition does not understand the difference between the state and the government, the loss of which will be clearly seen in the coming elections. Inshallah, the opposition will lose in the next election.


Possibility of major political and administrative changes in Punjab.

Political and administrative changing in punjab Govt.

According to sources, the portfolios of Punjab Minister for Labor Ansar Majeed, Senior Provincial Minister Abdul Aleem Khan and Excise Minister Hafiz Mumtaz are also likely to be changed.

Sources said that in view of the impending transfer of Chief Secretary Punjab, the names of secretaries posted at the Center are under consideration. Federal Secretary Home Yousuf Naseem Khokhar is also a candidate for the post of Chief Secretary Punjab.

Yousuf Naseem Khokhar has been the Chief Secretary since 2012. The main reason for the transfer of the Chief Secretary is to improve the administrative matters with the upcoming local body elections.

According to sources, the names of Mohsin Butt Amir Zulfiqar AD Khawaja of PSP Group Grade 22 are being considered for IG Punjab. Mohsin Butt has held the post of IG Balochistan while AD Khawaja has served as IG Sindh. Amir Zulfiqar has held the post of IG Islamabad.