Emma, 18, of the United Kingdom, made history by winning the US Open.

Emma made history by winning US.

In the final, Emma defeated 19-year-old Leila of Canada in the final, winning all 10 matches, including the qualifier. She became the Grand Slam winner 44 years later.

The final of the last tennis grand slam of the year was played in New York between two young women players, Emma 18, of the United Kingdom, and Laila, 19, of Canada. Emma is also in the second set.
won by a margin of six to three.

Emma became the first Grand Slam qualifier in tennis history to become the first British woman to win a Grand Slam in 44 years.


Important meeting of heads of regional intelligence agencies in Islamabad.

Important meeting of heads regional intelligence agencies held in Islamabad.

The meeting of the heads of regional intelligence agencies in Islamabad, Pakistan is a clear indication of this.

  1. The foreign policy of these countries, especially in the case of Afghanistan, is being decided by consensus.

2- Intelligence sharing will improve the law and order situation at the regional level and will bring stability.

  1. In the near future, the scope of cooperation will be expanded with the participation of more countries.

4- Reconciliation and cooperation between the countries of the region. The balance of power at the international level will be restored to the level of the East. The peace and order situation in the world will improve. Will go God willing


France announces no ties to Taliban government.

France Announces no ties to taliban government.

According to a foreign news agency, the French Foreign Minister has said that the Taliban are lying. France has nothing to do with the new government.

The French Foreign Minister said that it was a lie for foreigners and Afghans to have a free, comprehensive and representative government.
France refuses to recognize any relationship with the government. Action We want from the Taliban and they will need some economic breathing space and international relations, it is up to them.

The French foreign minister will leave for Qatar on Sunday for talks on a future withdrawal from Afghanistan.

France has evacuated about 3,000 people and held technical talks with the Taliban to make their departure possible, but a few French nationals and a few hundred Afghans with ties to France remain in Afghanistan.