The Islamic Republic of Pakistan is a peaceful safe country.

Canadian Rozi had Traveled all over Pakistan.


Canadian Rozi was also a woman. She traveled all over Pakistan alone. People fixed her free bikes. They gave her free food and free housing. Pakistanis humbled and respected Canadian Rozi with all their heart. Pakistan and the hospitable people of Pakistan are praising themselves. Such are the beautiful people of my beautiful homeland.

400 Didn’t millions of people all over the country look down on Rozi with evil eyes? These millions of Pakistanis respected Rozi, gave him protection, served him. These Pakistanis increased the honor and dignity of their country. It is a safe country. Every woman is safe here.

Rosie doesn’t dance or sing. She doesn’t make obscene people her fans. Tik Tokri Minar, which is a source of cheap livelihood through talk, is holding the hands of men on her chest in the crowd of Pakistan and saying that it is fine but if you touch me beyond that, I will scream and run the country. To defame

Aqarul Hassan’s sister became famous
Rambo’s followers
Ratings to ARY and dollars to Syria
Just got some lime on the face of the country

Now Iqrar and Yasir Shami will continue to prove white with black and black with white with their fat mouths.

Indian agent confession in pakistan is shami and pakistan media is arrest confession please don’t disgrace pakistan and men of pakistani society don’t tarnish Pakistan’s image in the world.


ISLAMABAD: Indian delta variant Asad Umar is spreading rapidly in Pakistan.

Federal Minister for Planning Head NCOC Asad umer.

Asad Umar, Federal Minister for Planning and Head of NCOC, wrote on the social networking website Twitter that according to global observations, the Indian Delta variant is spreading rapidly and the Indian Delta variant is also spreading rapidly in Pakistan. ۔

He said that at present the number of corona patients in hospitals is at the highest level and the spread of Indian Delta variant could increase the burden on hospitals.

Asad Omar has appealed to the citizens to follow the SOPs to prevent corona.


Srinagar senior Kashmiri Hurriyat leader Syed Ali Gilani has passed away.

Kashmiri hurriyat leader syed Ali Gilani has passed away.

According to Kashmir Media Service, 92-year-old Kashmiri leader Syed Ali Gilani died in Srinagar on Wednesday night. Syed Ali Gilani was ill for a long time.

According to Kashmir Media Service, his death has been confirmed by a family member. Syed Ali Gilani has been under house arrest for many years.