France suspends 3,000 workers for non-vaccination.

France Suspended 3,000 workers for non vaccination.

France suspends 3,000 health workers for non-vaccination

According to the foreign news agency, vaccination was made mandatory for 2.7 million health workers, care homes and fire service personnel in France.

According to the news agency, France on Thursday suspended 3,000 health workers for not vaccinating against corona.

The French health minister said most of the suspension of health workers was only temporary because many health workers had decided to get vaccinated following the decision.

French President Macron issued a notice to health workers on July 12 warning them to administer at least one dose of the corona vaccine by September 15 or to resign.


Pakistan Media Development Authority PMDA.

opposition Accompanied has Media worker Protest Against PMDA.


Two points of Pakistan Media Development Authority
1- Media workers will be paid on time.
In the media, especially in electronic media, the big salaries of anchors and big journalists will be paid on time, while the salaries of small workers are low and not paid on time.

  1. Owners and reporting journalists will be responsible for correcting false and baseless news which will appear before a commission.
    Both these proposals are for the betterment of the public and true journalists. It is beyond comprehension why and for whom the journalists’ organizations staged a sit-in on the occasion of the joint sitting of Parliament yesterday. The reason is clear. Those who mislead the government are envelope eaters.
Bhutto grandson skillfull silent on killing journalist Aziz memon.

Implementation of PMDA Bill will close the black money of envelope-eating media prostitutes. It will also close the way for the opposition to come to power.
The sheep that are sitting in the name of freedom of press, not a single one raised their voice in favor of journalist Aziz Memon who was killed in Sindh.

Bhutto’s grandson is also skillfully silent on the killing of journalists in Sindh.

Right now, only the draft of Pakistan Media Development Authority has come. From now on, the cries of envelope-eating media prostitutes and the opposition are echoing to Mars Their stoves will get cold.

As a nation, we, the serious citizens, need to persuade our MNAs to vote in favor of this bill. Rapid development will flourish and real change prosperity will kiss our steps.