Valuable Stunning message for people.

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If you want to avoid buying medicine, do it for free.

  1. Patients with blood pressure should spend their time around children, play with them and be happy no matter what the situation is.
  2. Diabetic patients should do intermittent fasting, which must be prescribed by the doctor. It only has to avoid hypoglycemia, this free process will keep your sugar under control and with time the medication will also decrease.
  3. People suffering from lack of sleep must not eat anything after sunset and turn off the lights after Isha. In a week, sleep habits will improve and sleeping pills will also be missed.
  4. People with stomach acidity should sleep with their pillow high and eat food 3 hours before going to bed, that is, three to four hours after eating food, the stomach medicine will be halved.
  5. Muscle and bone people with diseases should read long prayers. Prayer is an excellent exercise for every organ of a human being, especially for back bone problems, prayer is very useful.
  6. Patients with chronic colds should clean their nose twice a day with salt water. In two weeks, the colds will reduce drastically and by doing it continuously, our ENT professor used to tell this method to every patient and the patients would get cured. were

If you have a habit of thinking too much, keep yourself busy and think positively to avoid useless thinking
Allergic things that you are to Avoid.

Health Treasures are kept in simple and natural things and not in medicine boxes.

Take care of your health. Because if there is health, then there is life, if there is life, then there is the world.