Inordinate use of air conditioners invades dangerous conditions.

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Global warming is enhancing in colorful countries including Pakistan. Due to lack of energy and increase in cargo slipping, it’s getting delicate for the citizens to lead a diurnal life.

In similar cases the use of air conditioners is adding day by day. Until some time agone, people used to consider installing AC as a luxury, but now it’s considered as a necessity of life. Why do not we install AC?
Still, there are some disadvantages to overuse of AC that you need to be apprehensive of. Problems can also arise.

Respiratory problems.

Living in an AC can get relieve of the heat but its constant cooling affects the lungs. Which can lead to disinclinations and other ails.


Dogfaces, a complaint that affects the respiratory system caused by a specific type of bacterium Legionella pneumophilia, may also be uncommon. Requires great care.

Head and shoulders.

Air conditioner cooling the causes constant pain in the head and shoulders Its cooling affects the muscles and joints of the body. It affects different corridor of the body and this cooling settles in the body.

Especially if the cooling of the AC is high also it becomes more dangerous because when you get out of this cooling and come to the outside temperature it’s further dangerous to health. The body temperature is constantly low and high. Is that which affects your body.


Try not to stay in the AC all day long but keep your body at normal temperature for some time so that the effect of deep freeze is lessened.

Do not keep the AC temperature low Utmost people have a habit of preferring too important cooling so they keep the air conditioner temperature between 16 and 22 which is dangerous to the body. Too numerous cooling joints. Affects and causes common pain.

do you know?

Did you know that those who live in a endless air conditioner get old snappily? The skin of the hair also becomes dry and therefore wrinkles start appearing.


To avoid this it’s necessary to increase the use of water or use a room humidifier that maintains the moisture in the room.

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