Retaliatory Action in Response to Iran’s Missile Attack Pakistan.

Pakistani security forces targeted the hideouts of banned organizations in Iran’s borders Pakistani attack targeted the hideouts of banned BLA and BLF terrorists Pakistan retaliated against any civilian or military target of Iran Not targeted.

The spokesman of the Foreign Office says that military operations were carried out on terrorists’ hideouts in the Iranian province of Sistan. During these attacks, many terrorists were killed. Pakistan targeted 7 BLF hideouts in Iran.

For many years, Pakistan has been expressing concerns about the shelters of terrorists in Iran. Pakistan has also shared several dossiers related to the presence of terrorists.

The spokesman of the Foreign Office said in a statement that a highly coordinated military operation has been carried out against the hideouts of terrorists. This was an intelligence-based operation during which many terrorists were killed. It is the epitome of protecting Pakistan’s national security against all threats.

This very complex operation is a testament to the professionalism of the armed forces of Pakistan. Will continue to take all necessary measures for the safety and security of its people. The aim was to achieve the security and national interest of Pakistan, which cannot be compromised.

Pak upholds the principles and objectives of the United Nations Charter. Pakistan will not allow its sovereignty and territorial integrity to be challenged.

Iran is a brother country. Pakistani people have great respect and love for Iranian people. Emphasizing on dialogue to deal with the challenges including the scourge, the spokesperson said that they will continue to try to find a common solution.