Those terrible disadvantages of drinking water immediately after eating.

We have always heard that drinking water immediately after eating food is harmful for health, but very few people will know that it can cause health problems. Drinking water after eating is so harmful to health that in Japan it is not customary to keep water with food even inside hotels. Today we will tell you what problems you may face by drinking water immediately after eating.

1- Dry tongue.

Drinking water immediately after a meal causes the salivary cells not to produce enough saliva, which makes the mouth wet temporarily but dries it later. This process Repeating over and over again can cause bad breath. Some people mix lemon in water and drink it after eating, which can also cause acidity.

2- Difficulty in digestion.

Saliva helps in digestion and when drinking water reduces the production of saliva, the entire responsibility of digesting food falls on the gastric juice. Gastric juice is not able to break down the food immediately and consequently the stomach begins to bloat.

3- Acidity and difficulties in absorbing nutrients.

When natural juices are not produced for digestion, stomach acidity increases. In this way, food nutrients are not properly absorbed and vitamins are not available.

4- Cause of irritation.

Drinking water immediately after a meal increases the pressure on the stomach and rapidly releases the acid that digests the food, causing heartburn.

5- Increases weight.

When the body cannot absorb food properly, it turns it into fat. In addition, the amount of insulin in the blood can also increase, due to which the body starts storing fat. A few ways in which you can overcome the habit of drinking water immediately after eating 1- Salt increases our thirst, so reduce the use of salt in food. 2- Chew the food well and eat it. Chewing will produce more saliva in the mouth and reduce the desire to drink water. 3- Drink water half an hour before eating. By doing this, the water level in the body will also be maintained and you will not eat too much food. 4- Avoid eating food too quickly because you will have to transfer the food to the stomach with water instead of chewing due to haste.