ISLAMABAD: A new case of Corona virus has surfaced in Pakistan, a woman in Corona was shifted to a ventilator when the condition worsened.

 A 30-year-old woman came to Pakistan from the United States a few days ago, but the woman was diagnosed with the Krona virus. Khatun’s condition is critical and she has been transferred to a ventilator, according to Pims hospital authorities. According to the spokesperson, there are currently 4 Corona Virus patients at Pims Hospital. The Ministry of Health and Regulation issued the latest status of Corona virus in Pakistan, saying that three persons infected with the virus in Sindh have been fully recovered and have been discharged from hospital.

It is clear that there are currently 29 cases in the country, 13 of Corona’s highest cases are in Sindh, 6 in Balochistan, 4 in Islamabad and 3 in Gilgit-Baltistan. Most patients are out of danger and no patient has yet died.