Protect your home from mosquitoes.

The mosquito is apparently a small creature, but did you know that the World Health Organization has recognized this tiny insect as the most dangerous creature in the world?
Mosquitoes are causing a rapid outbreak of malaria, dengue and other diseases such as the Zika virus in various countries around the world, and these diseases kill more than one million people every year.

The spread of malaria and dengue is on the rise in the country, so it is important to avoid mosquitoes. Can keep safe.

Mosquito repellent prescriptions

Malt shells

The sour smell of malt repels mosquitoes, ants and flies because insects do not like the sour smell. For this, grind the peel of malt like powder and spray it on the affected area. The irritation disappears and the mark disappears.


If such herbs are present in the room, their smell forces the mosquitoes to come out. One of them is Tulsi. Basil leaves should be spread on the windows and entrances of the house and placed on the balcony. Mosquitoes will not enter the house.

Coffee beans

Coffee seeds are a simple household tip. Put coffee beans in places where there is water in the house, such as swimming pools, water tanks, bathrooms, etc. Will come and these eggs will die automatically due to lack of oxygen


Mint is also a very fragrant plant whose fragrance spreads rapidly in the air. Its placing green or dry leaves in paper bags like tea bags and hanging them on windows and entrances will prevent mosquitoes from entering the house.

Called Bay Laurel

Even a plant called Bay Laurel cannot be invaded by mosquitoes, so it is planted in the garden, and its leaves can be placed in different parts of the house to get rid of mosquitoes.


Lavender is also a fragrant plant that has the ability to keep mosquitoes away. If it is placed in different parts of the house, then one works as an air freshener, the other looks attractive and the third important thing is that the mosquitoes are forced to flee. does.


If you have mosquito infestation in your house, burn camphor near the doors, windows and lights of the house and close all windows, doors and other open spaces of the house for 30 minutes after half an hour when you enter the house. The smell of camphor will kill all mosquitoes.

Badruna oil

Citronella Oil is an excellent prescription which is used in different forms instead of one. For example, to repel mosquitoes, cedar oil is sprayed at home. This oil can also be applied on the body with a candle or Mosquitoes can also be repelled from the house by lighting a lamp.

Pine wood

Once you burn pine wood on the exterior of your home, the smell of burning wood can kill all kinds of mosquitoes.


Both the rosemary plant and its oil are extremely useful for repelling insect attacks. You can protect your home from mosquitoes by smelling rosemary plants daily. Burn a few rosemary bushes with flowers after which your The house will be free from mosquitoes.

Soybean oil

Soybean oil helps prevent mosquito breeding. Its also used to light candles.


Like lavender rosemary and pepper, flies and mosquitoes do not like the smell of lemongrass. You can use lemongrass oil to keep these insects away from the house. Even if the grass is grown at home, the mosquitoes repel the scent of lemons in it.

In addition to these herbs, there are many other things that can protect you from mosquitoes.

mosquito net

There are some mosquito nets in which mosquitoes cannot enter and the people inside are safe. These mosquito nets are easily available in the markets. Similarly, such mosquito nets are also found in some countries. Sticks and dies.

Use of cream

Lotion Antimicrobial play an important role in protecting against mosquitoes. This are applied to areas of the body that are normally exposed and mosquitoes also attack areas such as the face, hands and feet. Can’t come close

Hand or stunt rackets

These racquets are also commonly available in the market. The at push of a button, a small current is generated in its wires and if it kills a mosquito, it dies instantly. Although it is also effective, it is not effective in protecting from mosquitoes. Appears after your sleep.