Parents wake up otherwise internet will destroy children’s lives.

man in black and white stripe shirt using black laptop computer

For Saba, smartphone and internet were no less than a blessing, when her son Heshim was annoying, she would put his favorite poem or cartoon on the net and her son would spend hours on mobile. Saba used to think that I don’t know how the mothers of the past used to entertain their children, how tired they would be.

Hashim was now 4 years old, but he could not speak, the sounds he made were a mixture of different languages, and the child could not concentrate on anything other than the mobile, and expressed extreme anger if the mobile was not given. He would, but he didn’t even want to make eye contact with anyone. When he was shown to the doctors, autism was suspected, but when the child was examined through observation, it was found that the cause of the child’s mental condition is the use of the mobile phone unnecessarily, the child has settled his world in it.

Nowadays almost every child is suffering from these conditions. Children like to stay at home, don’t like to mingle with people, don’t want to make friends, express extreme boredom when parents take them on outings. Spending time on the internet even late at night has become their routine due to which they spend their time in school very sullenly as they feel no interest in school and studies. This is usually the case with quiet children who find it difficult to make friends. And on the Internet, such children are targeted and lured into wrongdoing.

These are the observations that today’s teachers are realizing in their students. This issue is being discussed all over the world these days and both teachers and parents are worried about how to protect their children from the dangers of the internet and why no laws are being made to protect these children. Because it is becoming almost impossible to control it. The first responsibility of the child’s safety rests with the parents. We know very well that earlier when a child went out of the house, he needed protection, but now the criminals targeting children through various websites have reached inside the houses.

Parents know that the child is safe at home, what they are watching online, who they are talking to, what kind of games they are playing. What information they are giving others about themselves or they can watch any videos that can seriously affect their mind. Knowing all this is very important and in a way it is a full time job. A child’s innocent mind feels a disturbance as well as amusement. For this, it is important that parents sit in front of them and allow their children to use the Internet and that the password and control of devices like mobiles and tabs are in the hands of parents. Be friendly with the child and occasionally inform him of the incidents of internet crimes, train him not to share his personal information with anyone.

Online games are an addiction if adults can’t control it, how will children control themselves. Children are so addicted to playing online games that according to doctors there have been cases of children needing sleeping pills to sleep. This situation is very alarming. According to a BBC report, a recent craze is to see who can stay online the longest in a WhatsApp group – the winner is the one who sends the last message at 04:00 am. Similarly, a The game quickly became popular on the Internet in which children had to perform live suicide demonstrations while showing courage. Parents, of course, were unaware of their children’s actions. In response to these cases, the game was strongly opposed. It is better not to choose a safe environment for our children without harm.

Schools in the UK are conducting various workshops for parents to teach parents how to control these websites. . We are familiar with the term parental guidance for movies, but why are there no such restrictions on internet usage?

Now this Tik Tok trend has opened new avenues for the young generation in which there is no age limit and everyone is enjoying this trend. Everything has good and bad sides. Of course some action is necessary to protect from the evil side. Parents are also very responsible for this.

Safety of our child is our first duty. It is their basic right to focus on the child by keeping all their busyness aside. We are providing all kinds of facilities to the child but we are not preparing them for the proper use of these facilities. We should show foresight and take such measures in advance that can protect us and our children from any unpleasant future events.