The morale of the Pakistani people is high even in the worst economic conditions.

Even in the worst economic conditions of the country, the morale of the people is high. History tells us that difficult situations can be overcome with hard work and hope.

The people have said that hard times have been coming before and hopefully this time too the nation will get out of the hard times.

The people said that such a time has come for the Turkish nation as well, they were all united, we also need such unity, the conditions of Pakistan will also improve, inshallah we should not be disappointed.

People said in their opinion that try to bring diversity in life, do more than one job, you should struggle to get out of difficult situations, instead of cursing someone, you should try to improve yourself and the situation.

The Pakistani people further said that where bad times come, good times also come, disappointment is a sin, inflationary situations have happened before, work patiently, you should not be ungrateful under any circumstances.

People said that don’t leave the country, this is your own country, there are business opportunities in Pakistan, work hard and you will be rewarded.

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