Islamabad Drug Regulatory Authority (DRAP) has issued an alert regarding Ophthalmology drug Ophthal.

person opening his right eye with blue iris

Use of this medicine can cause loss of vision.

In Pakistan, the drug regulatory department declared a batch of ophthalmic medicine substandard.

Drape has issued a product recall alert of Ophthalon Carb Sterile, in which the batch OP 154 of Ophthalon Carb Sterile has been declared substandard.

Opathcarb sterile intraocular solution is manufactured by Opath Pharma Karachi, the batch of Opathcarb has been declared substandard by Central Drugs Laboratory Karachi.

Sources said that the recall alert of Ophcarb has been issued for urban doctors and chemists. Ophcarb drug is used to treat eye surgery glaucoma.

Drap directed the company to withdraw the affected batch of Opethcarb drug from the market and asked chemists to check the stock to stop the sale of the affected batch of Opethcarb.

The pharma company should not supply the affected batch of Ophthalmic Sterile, the chemist should return the affected batch of Ophthalmic Sterile to the company.

Provincial DRAP teams to increase surveillance in medicine market, doctors not to use affected batch of Ophthalmidine to patients.

Use of non-standard batch of Ophthalic Carb may cause loss of vision.