Eat healthy foods in the month of Ramadan.

dates in a bowl

The holy month of Ramadan has started all over the world including in Pakistan. In this month, there is usually a change in our domestic and economic engagements.

Due to this change, our digestive system also has a profound effect, for its remedy, it is necessary to use such foods in Suhr and Iftar which do not cause any problems in the stomach.

Health experts have compiled detailed tips on healthy nutrition and healthy living in this holy month so that fasting people can enjoy complete spiritual well-being while staying healthy in this holy month.

The best way to have Suhoor and Iftar

According to experts, after a full day of fasting, it is important to break the fast properly to ensure all the nutrients required at the time of breaking the fast. The key is a balanced diet.

Drinking water first before breaking the fast and then eating some dates can help stabilize blood sugar. Soups are also important in this regard as they help the digestive system recover the calories lost during fasting. helps to maintain

According to experts, avoid sweet drinks as much as possible because they are high in sugar and calories. When breaking the fast, water should be the first source of hydration.

As far as basic food is concerned, the iftar table should include vegetables, meat, protein and starchy carbohydrates. .

These foods are rich in complex carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, and fiber, which provide the body with the energy it needs after fasting hours. It should be.

You should also try to eat fruits or light sweets after Iftar. Apart from that, do not skip any meal whether it is Iftar or Suhoor and especially when you are fasting, Suhoor food should also be balanced, in which curd, cucumber and banana are also good options. Consuming potassium first is also important. Other options for breakfast include bread with lentils or any protein foods with dairy products.