Pakistan in a teacher married his students.

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A teacher marrying his students
According to a report, more than 2,000 teachers have married their own students in Pakistan in the last 5 years, including university college and school teachers and students.

And let me tell here that I am not counting the sin or the reward here, that doing this is a sin or not a reward, I want to tell that what happened to the teacher who married his own student or what happened to the student who He thought it necessary to marry his own teacher.

It is obvious that an affair must have gone on or some physical relations must have been established while living with each other.

Getting married Getting married is undoubtedly a good thing, but if I want to marry a certain teacher, I like her, then I will get a lot of slaps on the face and a lot of scolding, because the teacher has his own place, which he should understand. And you should make your students intelligent.
And I would also request the teachers that you have the status of a spiritual father if the teacher students are of the same age, it will be better not to try to be a friend.

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