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The great story of Florence Knight Angell, who honors nursing with dignity.


Mar 25, 2020

Muhammad mohsin

On May 12, 1820, the founder of modern nursing Florence Knight Engel is said to have called upon all military officers at a ceremony after the end of the Crimean War to write the name of the character on a slip, the name of which was the most sought after war. All military officers wrote names on their own paper and when looking at all these papers, it was found that all the military officers wrote the same name on their own paper. Florence Night Angel – Florence Night Angel was born on May 12, 1820 in Florence, Florence.

It was named after the city itself. Her parents didn’t even know that their daughter’s name would once be the best known in the United Kingdom. Florence’s father, William Knight Engel, was a feminist. Florence’s mother was the daughter of a parliamentarian from Norwich. The grandfather of Florence was famous for his service to humanity.

Florence Night Angel played with dolls in childhood. She would change the clothes of the dolls and hang them on their beds and tell the younger sister that the dolls were sleeping. Her sister had no special attachment to the dolls, and she used to accentuate the dolls. On this, Florence cared for the dolls with the utmost care. When Florence grew up, she prepared for an injured dog with full devotion and helped her recover. She would be missing hours from home for this task. The two sisters loved the animals and the family had complete freedom to own pets and play with them.

Florence and her sister’s education began at home according to the customs of that period. One of the governors taught him at home, but his father taught him in a special way. His father was a humanitarian man and found Florence at an early age for the noble purpose of serving humanity, but he was not neglected in Florence’s education. He taught Florence basic science, Greek and Latin languages and mathematics himself. He had set Florence’s sports and education hours and punished Florence for breaking the rules.

Florence’s mother engaged Florence in domestic arts. When she was twelve years old, she developed an anxiety disorder. She was worried about some questions. She thought she was the daughter of a nawab. Is it permissible to live in luxuries at home while the world has become a house of distress? Where most people are suffering from poverty, it is not uncommon for some people to simply allocate a living for themselves.

After much deliberation, she chose the nursing field through which she could serve a suffering humanity. She had to work as a nurse for several months at Salisbury Hospital. His decision was strongly opposed by his family. There were several reasons. One is that in those days the nursing field was considered very bad and the other women could not be able to do anything by being independent.

In particular, the autonomous functioning of upper-class women was considered extremely handicapped. The nurse of that era meant the old, the ugly, the careless, the dirty and the cruel woman. At the hospital, the nurse was considered to be ethical. It was Florence Knight Angell who chose and honored the sector.

He chose the profession despite all opposition and began a great struggle at Salisbury Hospital. The taste of the world was of no use to her, and even at the wedding she showed no interest while she was a very attractive woman. She worked at the Salisbury Hospital for eight years and during that time did not confine herself to the hospital, but did collect information about hospitals, patients and public health issues across Europe. To continue to serve

He worked at Pastor Fledner’s first nursing institute worldwide, and then planned for a future age. Now the world was in front of him and he had to serve the suffering humanity. Three years and years later, her family, too, eliminated even the slightest opposition to thinking she was grown up and could take care of herself.

Now Florence established its own company on 47th Street and became the superintendent of this nursing home and began its work in the cold. It was in those days that the Crimean War began. News of war was heard all over the country. When it became known that the casualties in the war were not ready and the casualties were rapidly dying.

At that time, wars had been won on a limited scale and weddings of joy were playing out in the country. In these circumstances, Florence Knight Engel served in support of and sustaining wounded soldiers. In this regard, Howard Russell called for services for women wounded soldiers in the country. Florence was only 34 years old at the time. On October 15, he wrote a letter to the government and specified the government’s services.

Countless people came to leave the convoy on the front. Florence and his convoy arrived on November 4, 1884, after the Battle of Bala Clava, before the Battle of the Inkerman at Scooter.

When Florence visited the front, a charming sight was in front of her. The condition of the injured was very bad. Their beds were very dirty and germ-free, and their sheets were so rough that they would not lie on them. In many places there were no beds for the wounded, and they were lying on the floor in a single sheet. At night, there were candles for the light, whereby rats would cut patients and increase their distress. There were no utensils.

Medicines, no ointment, no cleaning and no facilities. There was nothing but disappointment, but Florence did not give up hope. Although army officers described the situation as unsatisfactory, Florence collected £ 7,000 from personal sources and bought items that were desperately needed. Soon his efforts started to color and clean up in the dirt area and health issues started to increase.

When all the doctors, etc., were resting at night, Florence raised her lantern, circling all over the place. Within ten days of his efforts, the situation became such that the patient’s pruner prone would be ready to attend. It is said that not all of England’s gold could bring together the change which Florence’s sympathetic heart and love made possible in a short time.

In Florence’s work, the traditional government slowdown caused a lot of trouble, but he exercised his authority over which many of his opponents came into existence, but he did not care because his purpose was good. It was customary in Scituate’s hospital that less injured patients should be treated first and more injured patients discharged. Florence once saw five critically injured patients in the hospital feeling helpless. When he asked a doctor the reason for this, the doctor said that he was more injured and in death. We do not see any hope of survival while other less injured patients are being treated. Florence called for these five wounded soldiers overnight.

He continued to treat and care for his wounds throughout the night. As a result, five patients became conscious and were able to undergo surgery until morning.

Florence’s magic also operated at the Operation Theater, where her presence was the reason for the patient’s courage. In May 1855, Florence left Scola for six months, where a young boy named Thomas became her assistant. Perform your duties well. It was there that Florence Night Angell was diagnosed with “fever of Crimea” by doctors. The news of his illness spread like wildfire. Patients began to cry and groan like children. Commander Inchef Larderiglin also gave much importance to the news and came to Florence himself.

Some time later a fund was set up in which ten thousand pounds were collected from the gifts given to Florence and a few from the poor monks. With this money Florence helped flood the victims of 1857 in France and arranged for nurses training. Inspired by her services in the Crimean War, Queen Victoria presented her as a beautiful diamond gift.
Even after the end of the Crimean War, the government could not refuse to acknowledge its services. Now his fame had spread everywhere. When she returned to England, her health had deteriorated. In November 1907, King Edward VIII awarded him the Order of Merit.

In her last time, Florence continued to work for humanity. She died on August 13, 1910. The famous poet Long Fellow wrote a beautiful poem on the death of Nias and thus mourned the great woman who had devoted herself to humanity by denying a luxurious life.


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