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‘The redness of the eyes is also a symbol of curiosity


Mar 25, 2020

New York: An American nurse says red eyes are also a sign of other symptoms of the virus.

According to a US media report, Chesley Ernst, who worked as a nurse at Washington’s Life Care Center, claimed that if someone’s eyes were constantly red, he should also have a diagnosis of Corona.

He said that the redness of the eyes was the only and significant sign of the virus because all the patients who came to the hospital had red eyes and had difficulty breathing with nausea and fever.

Medical experts have previously reported symptoms of dry cough, nausea and fever and difficulty in breathing, and warned people that the person who has these symptoms should immediately get a diagnosis of Corona.

Speaking to US media, Chesley said, “Patients have red eyes as they become allergic, the white part of their eyes is red, which is also visible regularly.”

Chelsea made the claim when a statement issued by experts said that people suffering from common diseases such as pink eyes, chest tightness do not necessarily have been infected with the Corona virus.

“If you see someone’s red or pink eyes, don’t be scared because that person doesn’t have to be infected with the Crohn’s virus,” said a research report released by the American Academy.

Health experts also acknowledge that the color of the eyes can be red or pink, affecting up to three percent of people suffering from chest diseases.


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