The government turned the fugitive Ishaq Dar’s house into a shelter

LAHORE: The house in the former finance minister Ishaq Dar’s house has been turned into a shelter.

According to details, the Department of Social Welfare decided to convert the house into a shelter that evening, the first auction of the house for 4 Kanal 11 Marla, Isaac Dar was ordered.

The lowest price of Isaac Dar’s house in Gulberg was reported at 17 million, but the auction was stopped due to a ban on order during the auction.

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Assistant Commissioner Model Town says 50 people have been accommodated in Ishaq Dar’s house, 35 men and 15 women will be able to live in the shelter.

According to AC Model Town, tomorrow, Ishaq Dar’s house will be functioning as a residence, 3 rooms and a mosque area have been allotted.

On the other hand, the Prime Minister’s Assistant Special Affairs Minister, Usman Dar, says Ishaq Dar is an adversary and should come back to the courts.


Karachi chief justice pakistan gave remarks in case related to the elimination of encroachment in karachi

KARACHI: Chief Justice Pakistan gave remarks in a case related to the elimination of encroachment in Karachi saying that neither the city government is working nor the federal and provincial government is working.
Karachi: Supreme Court orders complete restoration of Kidney Hill Park
What sparked the city in interest, Chief Justice Mayor Karachi and Sindh government is deeply disturbed
A case was heard in the Supreme Court Karachi Registry headed by Chief Justice Pakistan Gulzar Ahmed regarding the abolition of city encroachments, in which the Attorney General, Chief Secretary, Commissioner Karachi and other officials appeared before the court.

At the beginning of the hearing, the issue of encroachments was discussed in Delhi Colony and Punjab Colony. Chief Justice Pakistan asked how the construction was taking place in these areas. Tell us how these constructions took place, who gave permission? The cantonment board officials said that we have taken action and are taking action.

Chief Justice Pakistan asked Advocate General Sindh why you do not legislate. Shall we make law? We will not create a committee or commission. You follow the law.

If you rely on the Sindh government, only the white wash will appear:
Confession of Advocate General Sindh
The Advocate General confessed in the court that if you rely only on the Sindh government, then only the white wash will appear; if anything, only you can do it.

Chief Justice Pakistan said that Karachi is a city of millions of people. We do not want to say anything that may hurt, there is no hope.

Court Conversation Board Counsel Dialogue How Can You Allow Multi-Storage Buildings? These Delhi Colony etc are made of 1950. You are stating new rules, can Ground Plus One be allowed and how did such tall buildings become? Finish up all open ground, the area is full of portions.

 Order to demolish illegal construction in Gazri Road, PNT Colony, Punjab Colony and Delhi Colony
The court ordered the immediate demolition of all the illegal construction of public quarters, saying that the quarters should be vacated and given to the employees of the federal government.

The Supreme Court, while praising the Director Land Cantonment Board, said that to fill up the treasury and say there were illegal constructions, eyes were closed when money was being collected.

The court ordered illegal construction of buildings in Gazri Road, PNT Colony, Punjab Colony and Delhi Colony.

 We know the DHA story too, if we review it all will be illegal: Chief Justice
Chief Justice Pakistan said that 9.9-storey buildings are being built, demolish them all, it is so bad you guys close your eyes and walk? Government lands were handed over to you by people, what did you guys do to this trust?

Justice Gulzar Ahmed said that we also know the story of DHA. If we review, all the leases will come out, all leases will expire, I will also be finished.

The Chief Justice said that take the Jahangir Road people and take the government to vacate their land. On this the Attorney General took a stand that would give me time, resolve with the stakeholders.

The Honorable Chief Justice remarked in a dialogue with the Attorney General that neither the city government is working nor the federal and provincial government is working, no government is working. What to call? The problem is, no commitment, you don’t want to work.

Order to build a vegetable park on the canal
The court asked the Chief Secretary to give recommendations on the complete elimination of encroachments, resettlement of slum dwellers and settlement of the victims. Also, through the media, recommendations from relevant experts.

The court also ordered the construction of a vegetable park on the canal, saying that commercial construction would not be allowed on the canal.

All cases are adjourned till February 21
Later, the court adjourned the hearing till February 21, while the Karachi case was adjourned without any action.


Modi should not be misunderstood now or it will be your last mistake: PM

Mirpur: Prime Minister Imran Khan says that Modi should not be in any misunderstanding or else it will be your last mistake. If Modi and the Indian Army Chief have defected, 20 million Pakistanis will fight till the last breath.

According to the details, Prime Minister Imran Khan addressed the Kashmir solidarity rally in Mirpur Azad Kashmir and said, “I have come to Mirpur today for a special reason. The purpose of the Mirpur assembly is to convey a message to the Kashmiris of the occupied valley.”

The Prime Minister said that 80 lakh Kashmiris have been going through a difficult test since August 5, not only Azad Kashmir but the people of Pakistan are standing with them.

Imran Khan says that if a man has patience in difficult times, Allah loves him more. The message to the Kashmiris of the occupied valley is that your big time is coming. Narendramodi did that in 6 months ago. It is Modi’s mistake that will free Kashmir.

He said that before August 5, the world had forgotten Kashmir, did not take any name; all over Pakistan did not even name Kashmir in the world. In those six months, Kashmir became internationalized. India did not want any country. If India had said it was an internal problem.

The Prime Minister of Pakistan said that if Pakistan spoke of Kashmir, India would talk of Azad Kashmir, friends of Islamic countries of Pakistan did not speak of Kashmir. He said that Narendra Modi in his election campaign called Pakistan good and bad, Narendra Modi had taken a big step in arrogance to win the election with a large majority.

Imran Khan said that Modi killed 350 of our trees in Balakot, Paloma incident and then Bharat T sent two of our planes to our limits, an Indian pilot fell in Pakistan, Pakistan also piloted India’s big mosquito. Returned.

PM says Modi will conquer Pakistan in 11 days, Narendra Modi looks like your degree was fake, world history has not been read, the most powerful army in the world has been stuck in Afghanistan for 19 years, his generals too. Said we would win in a few weeks.

He said that there are people living in Pakistan whose religion says killing of one man is murder of humanity. If Modi and Indian Army Chief make a mistake, 20 million Pakistanis will fight till the last breath. Pakistan’s armed forces have sacrificed terror. Winning the war against terror, Pakistan’s armed forces are the best army in the world.

The Prime Minister of Pakistan said that the people of Pakistan have faith in Allah. No one is afraid of death.


Kashmir Day: Pak Army releases special song

Rawalpindi: Pakistan Army Department of Public Relations (ISPR) has released a special song for expressing solidarity with Kashmiris on Kashmir Day.

According to ARY News, Kashmir Day is being celebrated around the world today, rallies will be held and protests will be held in other countries including Pakistan to express solidarity with the oppressed people living under the brutality of Indian Army. The slogans of Pakistan will resonate in the occupied valley.

Kashmir Solidarity Day – 5 Feb 2020

Being the voice of Kashmir, the ISPR released a special song on solidarity Kashmir Day.


Corona virus should not be blamed on Sindh government: CM Sindh

Chief Minister Sindh Murad Ali Shah says that everything is blamed on the Sindh government, and it should not be blamed for the spread of the Corona virus.

Talking to media on the inauguration of the Urban Forest project by Bilawal Bhutto Zardari on Lyari Expressway in Lyari area of Karachi, Murad Ali Shah said that those who dig graves for us will go to these graves.

Chief Minister Sindh criticized Prime Minister Imran Khan and said that he said that peace would also be found in the tomb.

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He said that at that time every person of the country was experiencing a hurricane of inflation. We had a large quantity of wheat and still imported wheat.

Murad Ali Shah said that every allegation was put on the Sindh government, now the corona virus will be blamed for the negligence of the Sindh government.

He said that conspiracies against Sindh government are not new, wheat or sugar shortage is blamed on Sindh government, right or wrong.

‘PTI only engaged in conspiracies’
Chief Minister Sindh said that Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) is not only concerned about Pakistan but is engaged in conspiracies; poor people are crying out against PTI.

He said that to withdraw from their conspiracies, when the boat sank, people started jumping from it.


4 civilians injured in indian forces firing on LC

Islamabad: 4 civilians injured in a firing on the Line of Control of The Indian Forces. Pakistan has called the Senior Ambassador of the Indian High Commission for violation of the SEZFIRE AGREEMENT and recorded a strong protest.
According to the details, the Indian Army is in violation of the SES fire agreement on the Line of Control, the Pakistani Foreign Office has summoned a senior indian high commission diplomat to the Foreign Office for firing at the LC and violating the SES fire agreement. According to the foreign ministry, pakistan recorded a protest against the Indian firing on the LC. On February 3, three civilians were seriously injured in the firing by Indian forces on The Dana sector, Shamim, 22, of Chattanooga village, 10-year-old Farhaz, and 17-year-old Moniza.
Indian forces continue targeting innocent civilians on THELC, India’s insurgency threatens peace and security in The Ingzi region, India cannot remove world attention from kashmir, says foreign ministry spokesman Ensure the arrival.


Prime Minister Imran Khan arrives in Malaysia for a two-day visit

Kuala Lumpur: Prime Minister Imran Khan arrives in Malaysia on a two-day visit. Malaysian Defense Minister and top officials welcomed Prime Minister Imran Khan.
Prime Minister Imran Khan’s two-day visit to Malaysia is accompanied by External Affairs Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi, Minister of Parliamentary Affairs Asad Omar and Advisor to the Prime Minister. Officials were also present.

It is to be noted that the delegation level talks between Pakistan and Malaysia will take place on February 4. Prime Minister Imran Khan will also have a one-on-one meeting with his Malaysian counterpart Dr Mahathir Mohammed while the visit will also include detailed discussions on bilateral relations and promotion of trade and investment. Due to the ongoing tension between Pakistan and India, Prime Minister Imran Khan has decided to use China’s airspace for Malaysia instead of India. What was
It should be noted that this is the second visit to Malaysia since Prime Minister Imran Khan took office, before he visited Malaysia on November 20 last year.


Pakistan hopes to include Turkey in sea pack, PM

According to the details, Prime Minister Imran Khan while interviewing Turkish TV said that Pakistan and Turkey are committed to deepening relations in all fields.

The Prime Minister said that the Turkish President will visit Pakistan this month, along with the Turkish President, investors and businessmen, Pakistan is hopeful to include Turkey in the pack.

He said Malaysia’s problem was not as grim as Pakistan’s, the current account deficit was in power when it came to power and measures had to be taken to stabilize the economy.

The Prime Minister of Pakistan said that the crisis that the government has got out of it, the opposition is afraid that if we succeed we will have a political death.

The Prime Minister of India said that the ideology of the fascist RSS has been seized in India. Indian action on August 5 is a violation of UN resolutions.

Regarding the Corona virus, the Prime Minister of Pakistan said that it is hoped that China will be able to overcome the Karuna virus.


Corona virus fight operation suspended from chaina fumigation of imported good mandatory

Pakistan suspends China’s flight operation to prevent the Corona virus, while instructions have been issued to clear the imported goods after fumigation.
Strict screening of passengers arriving at all the airports in Pakistan and especially coming from the Gulf countries has been started.

According to sources, all the airport passengers are being screened before the immigration, besides special spraying has been started at the airport under which fumigation is being done inside the aircraft.

On the other hand, Civil Aviation suspended flight operations between Pakistan and China. According to the CAA, direct flights to China will be delayed until February 2, depending on the situation, future decisions will be made.

According to the Civil Aviation Authority, the decision to suspend flight operations was taken under security measures. No direct flights to China from any airport will operate until February 2.
In addition, the Port Health Department issued an advisory on the Karuna virus, which directed to provide conditional clearance of goods imported from China.

The advisory has directed customs officials to clear the goods imported from China by fumigation, that the fumigation be carried out under the supervision of Port Health. Can