The Prime Minister will forgive those MNAs who have made a mistake.

Addressing a rally in Dargai Tehsil of Malakand Imran Khan took a blunt stage that it’s better for the government to leave than to save the government by stealing people’s plutocrat.

He said that Imran Khan explained the difference between a plunderer and a snake of heart and said that wherever there’s power, the plunderer goes there.

PM further said that they aren’t being burgled, they’re making deals of heart and this deal of heart is being called republic. It’s time for the people to decide where you stand.

He said that on the one hand, the country’s most notorious dacoits have gathered who are trying to buy our MNS.

Imran Khan also said that on the other hand he has been fighting against bandits for 25 times and people will support this party which is standing against stealers.

He said that Allah didn’t tell us to remain neutral and neither the bar nor the Election Commission of the country are watching then and there.

PM said that the people of PML-N had doubly locked Asif Ali Zardari for corruption and during the term of PML-N they made a case against Asif Zardari for billions of rupees.
PM said that PPP members had made cases of theft against Nawaz Sharif. Shahbaz Sharif said that he’d to prize plutocrat by tearing the stomach of Asif Ali Zardari.

Imran Khan said that the three stages are going to take from the country what the adversary doesn’t do.

He said that the days of Changa Manga were gone when both sides were loose As important as you have awakened your heart Peoples won’t believe that they’ve made a mistake. The party chief is like your father.

Imran Khan will always be bad with your name but people won’t hear to you. People will say that you have vended yourself.
The total of Pakistan will suppose that you have vended your heart.

It’ll be delicate for you to get wedded. People won’t marry your children. Your children will be called bad in academy he said.

Imran Khan said that indeed after that you’ll hang upside down but people still say that they’ve vended their heart.

He said that all miscalculations are made. Allah is forgiving. I’m like a father who forgives the miscalculations of his children. Don’t make this mistake for the sake of your children’s future.

PM said that people told me to buy MNAs and bring them back. I said I’m upset about the hereafter. Its better to save the government by stealing people’s plutocrat.
If the government is to be saved by buying the MNS also I shoot a curse on such a government.

The unconscionable man in the suit suggested that the United States shouldn’t have said Absolutely Not while the malefactor was a sissy and a fabricator.