Advice to the Prime Minister to establish Governor’s Rule in Sindh.

Federal Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid said that it is being talked about keeping 12 people in Sindh House Islamabad. Stand like a rock Ethnic and real people stand together during exams.

He said that he has been working for the ministry for three and a half years now.

Sheikh Rashid said that Shahbaz Sharif said that he would form a national government. The government is sitting idle.

Addressing the National Police Conference, he said that the police in Pakistan was rendering services in difficult situations and when the police brought the powerful to justice, they faced difficulties.

I pay tribute to you for increasing the salaries and packages of the police who have gone for digitalisation he said. Yesterday there was a drone in Islamabad which we did not know whose it was

The political arena is to be held in Islamabad. The opposition will be defeated.

Sheikh Rashid said that I will report from the 25th of Tarikh. Right now there is light music.

Them said that there would be no impediment in coming to the National Assembly and voting. Right has the to vote MNS for or against.

The Federal Home Minister said that no action was being taken in Sindh House Islamabad but the people who have gone there should know and the people of their constituency should know but it has become clear that the money of Sindh people is being used there.

Sheikh Rashid has said that he has spoken to Imran Khan. He has suggested that Governor’s rule be imposed in Sindh.Its now is up to the Prime Minister to decide what he wants to do.

Sindh House has been exposed. The nation stands with Imran Khan.