No Mai Lal OIC can stop.

Sheikh Rashid said in a press conference at the Ministry of Interior that there are reports in the media that the National Assembly is being convened on March 25. 2,000 Rangers and 1,000 FC personnel have been deployed.

When asked about minus one, Sheikh Rashid said I will stand with Imran Khan. I will go to the meeting on March 27 and I will also give a speech. My circle is with me. I dont know what it is and I don’t believe it. Am know Plus One which is Imran Khan.

Regarding the angry members, Sheikh Rashid said that they will stand with the real and ethnic Imran Khan. This is politics. It gets higher and lower.

The Home Minister said that slaves were being bought with stolen money including Surrey Palace and Swiss account. Members of the Assembly should eat the wealth of the opposition and work for Imran Khan.

Criticizing Bilawal Bhutto Zardari Sheikh Rashid said that Bilawal’s milk teeth did not come out in the field of politics and he is saying that we will hold a sit-in. Their screams will be heard up to the sky.

The Home Minister said that due to the OIC meeting on March 22 and 23, the hall of the National Assembly will remain with the Foreign Ministry. 500 to 600 important foreign dignitaries are coming to attend the OIC meeting The foreign ministers will be judo and karate on March 25.

The opposition had filed a no-confidence motion on March 8, according to which the date of convening the National Assembly is March 21 and 22, but the Speaker has the right to postpone the date of the meeting in view of the situation in the country.

I condemn what has happened in Sindh House. From today onwards, all the important buildings will be under the security custody of Rangers and FC. There will be no obstacle in the way of any person to vote.

Imran Khan is holding a rally on the 27th and Shahbaz Sharif should not back down. Imran Khan should choose his place and the opposition should choose his place. Ready to arrange separate meetings.