ML One, a great C-Pack project with happiness.

Main line of Pakistan Railways
The single man line laid from Karachi to Peshawar during the British rule which was not able to meet the requirements of the current era of transportation, in addition to not providing travel facilities to the passengers on the daily railway line was the cause of accidents and ridicule.

From Kafi to Peshawar to Main Line
1- New and double track is being made.

2- By upgrading all the major stations, modern facilities are being made available to the passengers.

3- Fences are being erected on both the sides of the railway line.

4- All lands and their closed gates are being removed.

5- New locomotives and bogies will be purchased.

6- The new saved track will be useful up to 150 dals.

7- The engine speed on the new track will be 160 km per hour and the journey will be done in less than half the time. The current speed is 60/80 km per hour.

8- The facilities provided to the passengers on trains and stations will not be less than the railway line of any modern country. People will feel happy and proud by traveling on the railways.

  1. Pakistan D-Pack Authority and China Development and Technologist Cushion Company have agreed to start work on the project soon.

The Walton Railway Academy will be upgraded and the university will be redeemed in which railway officers not only from Pakistan but also from other parts of the world will be able to study.