Fazlur Rehman does politics in the name of religion.

Addressing a rally in Swat, the Prime Minister said that people are sitting in Sindh House in Islamabad carrying bags of notes to buy conscience.

He said that in front of the world they have shamelessly come to buy our people. The conscience of the people is being bid. The nation must stand up against evil. I also ask the Election Commission whether horse trading is allowed in the constitution. ?

Imran Khan said that all the thieves were on one side. They gave me a chance. Now 3 wickets will fall from one ball. Be able to show.

His doctor Ishaq Dar wears a suit and tells him that I am also like you. I also speak English. When the court asks where the money came from, Shahbaz Sharif gets back pain.

He said that the nation should reach Islamabad and tell the world that we stand with the truth. The nation should tell the world that we stand against thieves.

He said that he is afraid that if Imran Khan stays for a while then they will go to jail. If these people are successful then the first thing to be done is to eliminate NAB. Will.

PM said that the nation of 100 wolves whose leader is a lion will win and the nation of 100 lions whose leader is like Nawaz Sharif will not win.

The so-called Jews did what you have not been able to do in 30 years. They turn the madrassa children against me. They say it is the Jewish lobby. Today the United Nations recognizes that the world must speak out against Islamophobia.