A severe heat wave can be fatal.

lemon water in footed glass

The National Disaster Management Authority has issued an alert for the citizens due to the severe heat wave.

In which it is said that the scorching summer wind wave can be fatal if not careful, to avoid the heat intensity, use more plain water and avoid carbonated drinks.

Avoid going out during the hottest part of the day, cover your head in the hot sun and drink lemon water and ORS to compensate for salt loss, says the NDMA.

The alert says to wear light and soft clothes, if anyone faints in hot weather, pour cold water on the head and take special care of the sick, elderly, children and pets.

NDMA has also instructed the concerned institutions to be alert to deal with the possible situation and said that the extreme heat wave may lead to melting of glaciers in snowy areas.

Residents of golf-prone areas should be aware and vigilant and cooperate with local authorities in any emergency.

During this time, tourists should avoid traveling and staying in the area with possible gulf. Timely safety measures can be helpful in preventing the damages caused by the melting of the glacier.

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