The storm of inflation also swallowed the educational future of children.

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The record-breaking inflation in the country has also put the educational future of children at stake
There is a delay in the printing of books due to high cost.

According to Pakipolitics Web, where the rising inflation in the country has affected every sector, due to this, the educational future of the children is also at stake. Due to the lack of supply, there is a fear that the new academic year will start late.

The printing press has stopped the supply of books to the schools due to non-supply of funds. The date sheet for the annual examinations has not been released by the Punjab Examination Commission. .

Expressing concern over the situation, the Punjab Teachers’ Union has said that the supply of books should be ensured to save children from wasting time.

On the other hand, School Education has expressed hope that the academic year will start on time and said that the printing of textbooks is going on and the printing of books will be completed in 2 months.