How to spend summer vacation.

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Any thing loses its usefulness when it is used without understanding and it is a big practice in our society. Just as we have been relying on the old education system for years, in the same way, we have become paupers in related matters, which may not have any benefits, but the disadvantages are innumerable.
If you look at the educational situation, it feels as if the students are drinking knowledge and grace.

Many books, the most difficult syllabus which usually does not correspond to the physical age and mental level of the students. It is not known why our educationists ignore the fact that the process of gradual evolution proves to be better and more beneficial and also that the most difficult curriculum can never be a guarantee of high quality education and neither can an uninteresting education system. Curriculum and teaching methods can develop students’ love of learning and reading and writing. Completing more syllabus in less time and giving excessive homework has been a major problem of our education system. In such a situation, as soon as the annual examination is over, the children are happy, they breathe a sigh of relief that a huge burden has been lifted from their heads. Now the wait for summer vacation begins. But what is it?

The immense work they get during the holidays ruins all their joys. All that work? Holidays are over, work is not over. All entertainment programs are phased out.

Other hand students as well as parents are worried that too much homework has not only erased the idea of vacation but also robbed the enjoyment of fun. What about children and parents? The tutors are also complaining that all the children’s holidays are devoted to homework.

A widow who tutors children at home was saying that she works tirelessly throughout the year, meeting the education expenses of her children through tuition alone. Every year I promise the children that I will take them somewhere for fun during the holidays, but it never happens. The children are given so much homework that they neither enjoy the holidays nor can I fulfill my promises to my children. All holidays end like this.

Children have different doubts that what is the use of such vacations in which we keep doing homework all the time. Perhaps the objection is not the homework but too much and pointless homework.

Adeel is very angry that he gets so much homework everyday, mom makes him sit to work in the morning. It seems that school is open at home. The work of writing is so much that the hands get pain. If I write too quickly in the process of finishing the work, the writing gets bad and I get scolded by my mother. Sometimes there is punishment.

Such vacations are futile in which we only worry about doing work and every day we have to open the bag and give a lot of time to copies of books, and we cannot enjoy our vacations.

Some parents believe that children should get homework so that they don’t just have to play and have fun, while there is a group of parents who think that there should be no homework at all, but there are also such parents. Those who are only in favor of enough homework so that children don’t stay away from their textbooks and don’t have a problem if schools open after the holidays. And so it should be.

Homework should be found during the summer holidays, but in such a way that it does not overwhelm the children and makes their vacations not only useful but also enjoyable and gives them time to play and have fun. Such homework is possible only in the form of creative work, which brings out the hidden abilities of children.

In this regard, there are some suggestions, for example, the homework should be in the form of a few questions. For example, writing three news items of daily newspaper that are very important. This will make children interested in reading newspapers. Reading newspapers continuously for two months will become their habit. What were your best hobbies during vacations?

And also tell what inspired you there? What did you not like and what did you miss? These are questions that will awaken the children’s minds and they will learn to stimulate their observation along with describing their experience. Watch documentaries and objectively entertaining films?

It can also be said to write a summer vacation diary in which children write down their routines without prompting.

Excessive and useless homework seems burdensome and annoying to children, and it burdens their minds and causes disgust in their moods. Large educational institutions, especially private schools, have started taking care of it to some extent.

But public schools and general private educational institutions established in every region still adhere to the principle of work, work and only. Let their affection increase more than before.