The solar system is one of the best inventions of the present century.

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Solar systems are not only the best way to save electricity but are also environment friendly.

Today we will provide you with some important information related to the installation of this system to tell you how effective this modern system of obtaining solar power is or how much we can reduce the electricity bill by using it properly.

Generating electricity from sunlight is not only a very cheap source of energy, but it is also very economically viable over a lifetime, so solar panels are the best way to meet energy shortages. They prove to be very useful in saving electricity bills.

According to experts, it is not difficult to install a solar system at home, but to determine the savings, it is important that you take all the elements into consideration.

First, determine the cost of installing the solar system and then estimate the taxes or other financial incentives, if any.

This will help you determine the full cost of the system and then estimate how much the solar system is saving you on your electricity bills on an annual basis.

The savings from a solar system depends on how many solar panels you have installed in your home and how much your average electricity bill is.

So to estimate the savings from solar system in electricity bills, review the bills of at least 6 months before and after installation of solar system, especially the summer bills.

How much estimate you save on a monthly basis after installing a solar system.

Once the annual savings are calculated, you can then estimate how long it will take to pay for the solar system.

If the cost of installing a solar panel system in your home is Rs 3 lakh and it saves Rs 30 thousand in electricity bills every year, then divide it by 10.

This means that it will take 10 years for your solar energy investment to pay back once the cost of the solar system is paid off, then the real savings are realized.

Life of solar panels Generally installed in houses is up to 25 years, but if care is taken, they work for much longer.

If 25 years of life is considered final, then multiply the savings of 30 thousand rupees every year by 15, then it becomes 4 and a half lakh rupees.

Keep in mind that this is an estimate of the ideal situation. Many times solar panels generate less electricity or the constant increase in electricity per unit rates in your area may also affect this estimate, meaning savings may be lower or higher. .

This is the reason why solar system installers need to understand utility net metering policies in their areas while also ensuring that they are not using grid power during peak hours.

In this situation, installing a solar battery along with solar panels can help save in peak hours, but it increases the cost of the solar system.

So it is certain that solar system reduces electricity bills, but how much it reduces depends on various factors and the electricity needs of your home.

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